Zumi the DogEditEdit

Full Name:Zumi Asakura Kura.





Clothes:School uniform:school. White blouse,green skirt and black sneakers:Non school.

Favorite Food:Tilapia.

Favorite Color:White.

Favorite Song:Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande ft Nathan Sykes.

Favorite Tv Show: Talk Talk Talk.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:Tips for Taking the perfect Picture.

Favorite Movie: Harriet the Spy series.

Favorite Video Game:Any Dating Sim.


Birthday:May 21.

Theme Song:That Girl.

Voice Actress:Monica Rial (2013)

Seiyu:Junko Minagawa (2013)

Accent:Valley Girl.

Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (partner)

Friends:Her class:especially Ayso,Hannah,Anja and Destiny.

Rivals:Onychinus and Morpheus.

Enemies:Mimi,Kannada,Nara and Ayaka.

Abilities:Picture taking,interviewing and singing.

Special Ability:Thanks to having a contract with Blake,Zumi can use one of three forms.


Suka:Domestic Canary.

Cosplay:Dressed like a field reporter with a long-scope camera and a pair of jeans with one pant leg completely torn. The camera lets her capture a person's soul,but for a limited amount of time,mostly about 3 minutes.

Armor:Dressed as a TV reporter in a short black dress with a long white overcoat and a suitcase in her hand. She also holds a handheld phone in her other hand. The suictcase can contain back up weapons for anyone who has broken theirs. And the phone lets her take a picture of her enemy and then alter it to her choosing.

Weaknesses:Bad hair days,Lousy scoops and rain.

Personality:At first glance,Zumi may seem like your typical girly girl who loves to shop and gossip,and you'd be right. But she is also kind and generous. She is quick to anger and quick to cool down. She is also the mother figure of the gang when Hannah or Chi aren't around.

Likes:Shopping,gossip,journalism,hanging with her friends,Blake and her best friend:Ayso.

Dislikes:Evil,everything in weaknesses and when there are no scoops.

Ability Type: Suka:Agility, Cosplay:Support, Armor:Support.

Hair Color:Red.

Hair Style:Short in the front and a wild pony-tail in the back.

Fur Color:Beige.

Eye Color:Brown.

Height:6' 0"


Appearance:She has a heart shaped face and pierced ears.

Sexual Perfernce:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:Zumi loves to gossip and report things she thinks are facts,the reason she always has her camera with her. She also is the best friend of the ghost Ayso,seeing as they sit next to each other,it's natural.