Yuyu the OxEditEdit

Full Name:Yuyu Ayase Manora.





Clothes:School uniform:when in school. Black tank top, White pants and Purple sneaks:Not in school.

Favorite Food/Drink: Spaghetti with Octopus Ink:Food. Any juice:Drink.

Favorite Color:Anything dark.

Favorite Song:Valerie by the Glee Cast.

Favorite Tv Show:School Rumble.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:Anything by Edgar Allen Poe.

Favorite Movie:Coraline.

Favorite Video Game:Zombie Rider,the Son in Law Edition.


Birthday:October 30.

Theme Song:I feel Pretty/Unpretty by the Glee Cast.

Voice Actress:Brina Palencia (2013)

Seiyu:Natsuko Kuwatani (2013)

Accent:Low and girly.

Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship: Blake (partner,crush)

Friends:Her class,especially Nene,Hannah and Destiny.

Rivals:Anja,Nene and Onychinus.

Enemies:Kannada,Nara,Ayaka and Morpheus.

Abilites:Junior Magic,Acting and Poetry.

Special Ability:Thanks to a partnership with Blake,Yuyu can turn into one of three forms.


Cosplay:Maid with a broom and a holster with several of her "strange drinks" by her side, each of which has a special magic ability.

Armor:Witch's costume with a wand and a living hat with a face. The face on the hat can eat minor and or small enemies and use them to renew any energy that Yuyu has lost. Wand lets her use magic based on her attribute which is darkness.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Overly girly things and Blake.

Personality:Cool slacker, Higly intelligent and a horrible student.

Likes:Everything in friends and rivals.

Dislikes:Everything in enemies and Onychinus for coming between her and Blake.

Ability Type: Suka:Agility. Cosplay:Support. Armor:Power.

Hair Color:Purple.

Hair Style:Long and straight:in the back,but two big braid:in the front.

Fur Color:Blue.

Eye Color:Black.

Height:4' 8"


Appearance:Due to reading a lot,Yuyu's eyes always appear to be half closed.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Form:None.


Number of Video Game Apperances:0.

Other Info:She is madly and I mean madly in love with Blake,but knowing how strongly Nene,her best friend feels about him,has decided to keep it a secret. This however does not go unoticed by Runa who frequently tries to persuade Yuyu to tell Blake.