This is an article about Vul the "Hedgehog", a character created by Xtarhaven on 07/8/2015.

Vul the "Hedgehog"
First appearance N/A


Biographical Overview
Name Vul
Nickname N/A (yet)
Physical description
Species Unknown, appears to be a hedgehog
Gender Male
Fur/feather/scale colour Phases between sky blue and purple
Eye colour Yellow
Attire Purple/sky blue sneakers
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Personality Erratic, Excitable, and Happy-Go-Lucky
Friends Anyone he meets, whether they like him or not

Cosmic Fall - Shadow the Hedgehog

Cosmic Cove Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Vul is a so-called "Hedgehog" with reality warping techniques but a care free attitude!


Vul is a very strange hedgehog, if you can call him that... His fur looks like some blue nebula, and his skin is as black as coal. His arms are furless and connect to each other in a V shape on his chest, and his legs become furless near the ankles. Vul wears no gloves or shoes, instead he wears rings around his wrists and ankles, he has sharp fingers and his feet doesn't even have toes, just a spike. All of his spines face upward as if he's in a super form.


Vul is erratic and excitable, always searching for new people to hang around. He usually just watches battles and adventures, nitpicking peoples mistakes and messing around with the villains. While he makes friends random adventurers, he especially likes to hang around villains or anti-heroes because of their cold personalities. Vul almost never gets angry, but when he does it's mostly caused by interrupting speeches or hurting his eyes.


Not much is known about Vul, he just kinda showed up. Some people have theories that he's a some kind of cosmic being, others say that he's a Multiversal god, but most agree that he's just some goofball who gained a ton of chaos energy. Only Vul knows, and he won't tell.


Vul has high control over chaos energy or at least something similar to chaos, whatever it is, he's able to warp space at his whim, travel through dimensions, and able to shoot large amounts of energy at foes. No one knows the limits of his powers because he states that he "doesn't want to overdo it", it's unknown if he means he's flat out omnipotent, all people know his that he's always holding back something big.

He also seems to not be able to die, as every time he's "killed" he just reappears out of nowhere. Other than that he can float around like he's in a super form.


Vul never battles much but when he does it's mostly a flurry of energy bullets which could be easily dodged, other than that, he has a huge weakpoint: his eyes. It causes him to water up, he's basically stunned during that time.