Val the LionEditEdit

Full Name:Valerie Hellsing Roberi.



Age:At least 100:Chronically,psychially:56.


Clothes:White and Grey maid's outfit,White gloves,Grey stockings,and,Black flats.

Favorite Food:Crumpets.

Favorite Color:White.

Favorite Song:Scream and Shout Remix

Favorite T.V. Show:New for you to Cook.

Favorite Sport:Tennis.

Favorite Book:The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson.

Favorite Movie:The Rum Diaries.


Birthday:October 29th.

Theme Song:My own song:Werewolves or Vampires

Voice Actress:Monica Stori.

Seiyu:Chiaki Takahasi.

Accent:Older victorian.


Love Interest:None.





Abilities:Cleaning and Fighting.

Special Abilities:Can turn into her Werelion form at any time and is skilled in Mibd Reading.

Weaknesses:Silver and Stress.

Personality:She is kind at first glance but is actually rather smart and influential.

Likes:Cleaning,Cooking,Taking care of Rach and Preparing flowers.

Dislikes:Evil such as Eggman,when Rach gets stressed out and,Seeing a dying creature in pain.

Ability Type:Power.

Hair Color:Grey.

Hair Style:Short in the front and long in the back,so long it almost reaches her butt.

Skin Color:Pale Tan.

Eye Color:Green.

Height:89 Cm.

Weight:Unknown presumed to be 45 Lbs.

Appearance:Her skin has aged a bit and is such quite winkled,but she also has eyes that could melt ice with just a glance.

Sexual Preference:Unknown but thought to be Straight.

Super Forms:None.

Teams:Team Dark Shine with Rach,Nie and Aigo.

Number of Video Game Appearances:4.

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic's House:Maid #1.

Sonic's Garden:Flower-Keeper #12.

Sonic's Tea Party;Guide for levels 4,6,and,20.


"Were" do we go?:Werelion and leader of final team.

Other Info:She was once a hero in a great war,but now has settled down to being the maid of Rac the Lynx.

Chao:Venus,she's Oranges with Red flowers and has Yellow eyes.

Notable QuotesEditEdit

After a fight,1.My claws and fangs are sharp,thank you.

While serving Rac some coffee,2.Only the best,sir.

Before going to bed,3.Must go to sleep,tomorrow is another day.

When waking up,4.I sense a strange future is ahead.

Taunting a foe,5.I'm sorry,but could you go to sleep now?

During a meal,6.This is very delicious.


After tucking Rac in for a nap,7.Sleep tight,your exhausted.