The background of SFCW kind of looks horrible,Look,I don't hold resentment for them anymore (despite the fact that in 4040 i'm unblocked there),But seriously,Last time i was there,it looked more proffesional,Now it kind of looks bad,while yes,i admit,this wikia's background is something you would see in a trippy windows screensaver,Maybe its the multiple art styles of said people that made the drawings that ended up on the current SFCW giving me a headache (no offense),but look at the bottom of the site,the site background wasn't long enough at the bottom,you can see a bit of the top at the bottom,Also,Their logo used to be more proffesional,but now,it looks like something a 8 year old with basic knowledge in Paint.Net did (Also,they kind of did a bad job of removing the white background of the Sonic X logo they are using as their insignia,you can see a bit of that background)

Ok,I may be overcriticizing their aesthetic,But seriously though,I could make a better looking logo for their site in Paint.Net (I'm not gonna be displaying it on this site though,i'm afraid that someone might steal it and claim they made it,Ok,the Sonic X logo isn't mine of course,but,you get it,i can make a better one if i wanted to,Unfortunately,if i have to post it on their site,i can't,because,of course,of the block that lasts 4040 years)

Also,They could just fix their background through trial and error,and resize the height of the background until you can't see a bit of the upper part of the background,Its not that hard (it is tedious,but its simple).

SFCW,If you see this,this is constructive criticism,While yes,i was insulting your current background and logo,i gave you some advice on how to fix both of them (The background,it was more clear what to do,change the height until you nailed it,but on the logo,Just make transparent that bit of white background you forgot to make transparent,it looks tacky.)

EDIT 1:Yes,i just realized that the SFCW background might look kind of weird if they edited the height,Don't point it out,cuz i already did.