Trinity the PlatinumEditEdit

Real Names:Solar,Jena,Platinum.

Full Name:N/A

Gender:Male and Female




Clothes:Bandana,Light blue sleeveless shirt with a mini cape in the back and and a bell tied around the neck,Blue shorts with white wings attached to the top,Blue,White and Beige mini boots,White and Blue gloves.

Favorite Food:Ramen Noodles

Favorite Color:Light blue

Favorite Song:Ponponpon (English) by AmaLee

Favorite T.V. Show:Any anime.

Favorite Sport:Baseball.

Favorite Book:1001 Ways to get out of a Tough Spot.

Favorite Movie:Black Rock Shooter OVA

Weapon:Reboare Muchourin Arma or in other words:A slightly over-sized Magical Girl Wand.

Birthday:April 3rd:Solar,May 4th:Jena,June 6th:Platinum.

Theme Song:Ponponpon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Voice Actors:Luci Christian:Solar. Bella Hudson:Jena. Laura Bailey:Platinum. All (2013)

Seiyu:Aoi Yuuki

Accent:Mostly cutesy.


Love Interest:None.



Rivals:Lea,and Don.

Enemies:The Entire Eggman Army.

Abilities:Basic skills such as cooking,cleaning and fighting.

Special Abilitiy:Incarnation of Matter using their wand,but it comes with a price:they lose their memories with every battle they use it in.


Personalities:Solar is brash and quick to anger and fighting,Jena is more calm and nice,Platinum is not really known.

Likes:Fighting,Stirring up trouble,and,most of all:Getting what they want.

Dislikes:The first two things listed in Weaknesses,plus Water and Eggman.

Ability Type:Kinda Speed but really:Support.

Hair Color:Pinkish Blond.

Hair Style:Short and Shoulder-length in the front with barely to no bangs,long in the back,also has two bushy pig-tails tied with a bandana.

Fur Color:Tan.

Eye Color:Shocking Green.

Height:43 Cm.

Weight:23 Lbs.

Appearance:Not much is odd except for the unusual way their dressed.

Sexual Preference:Straight for Jena and Bi for Solar.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Video Game Appearance:

Sonic Meets Blazblue:Unseen Story Narrator.

Other Info:For reasons unknown 2 innocent kids' spirits:Solar and Jena were put into the body of someone.Now they occupy that body along with it's original owner.


Notable QuotesEditEdit

Right after beating someone up,1.Solar:Na-na-na-na-NAAAAA-NA,Suck it,That's what happens when you try to get all bad-touch on Solar.

When saying sorry for what Solar does wether it's beating someone up or yelling at someone,2.Jena:I'm really really sorry for what just happened.

Getting away from someone older who Solar says is hitting on him,3.Solar:Go away,you dumb perverted idiotic mouth breathing knuckle-dragging PEDOPHILE!

While begging someone for food,4.Jena:So...huuuuungry.

When switching places with Solar and Jena,5.Platinum:Hello,i'm Platinum Seavalley,nice to meet you.

After losing too much energy,6.Platinum:Ugh,Solar,Jena,take over.

Using their signature attacks,7.Solar,Jena,and Platinum:Pogo Power.


During their victory pose,8.Solar,Jena,and,Platinum:Solar the superstar,polite Jena,Platinum Seavalley,all 3:Together, we are Trinity the Platinum.