Terra JohnsonEdit

Full Name:Terra Allison Marie Johnson.

Gender: Shemale.

Species: Human.

Age: 15.

Alignment: Good

Clothes:Tye-die short sleeve pirate clothes ,green suspenders and high heels.With sparkly gloves and a butterfly-shaped dildo.

Favorite Food: Blood, for the blood god.

Favorite Color: Red and black

Favorite song: Crawling, Linkin Park

Favorite T.v. Show: Hetalia Axis Powers

Favorite Sport: Handegg

Favorite Book: Horus and Fulgrim shipping fiction archive volume 2: Elecretic boogaloo

Favorite Movie:A Serbian Film

Favorite Video Game: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

Weapon: Anything with lots of edges

Birthday: Im 2cool for time

Theme Song: Quack like a Duck -G.O.A.T. and Your Mom

Voice Actress: Doug Walker

Seiyu: Sakamoto-san

Accent: Me love you long time!

Family: My family was killed by maruadering beatniks

Aqua: Man

Fungi: Fly Agaric

Love Interest: Dr. Rockso

Relationship: Big Bubba Crack Dealer

Friends: Fapping arm

Rivals: Preps

Enemies: Jocks

Abilities: Can turn anything incredibly edgy, cutting all those whogo near it

Special Ability: Can use powers of insanity to turn everything red and black

Weaknesses: Light, Goodness, Jesse Ventura

Personailty: Depressed, Deep, Emotional, Pretentious

Likes: Linkin Park


Ability Type: Edges

Hair Color:Red and black highlights

Hair Style: Straighted into some weird spikes

Skin Color: Purple, the colour of all special snowflakes

Eye Color: Red

Height: 10'

Weight: 50lb

Appearence: Emo

Sexual Preference: Transbipolyotherkin

Super Form: Ultimate Edgemeister

Teams: Lone Wolf

Number of Video Game Appearences: 666

Video Game Appearence: Secret

Sonic vs D.C:Unlockable character and member of Team Edges

Other Info:She can hardly control her edge

Chao:Shadow Trivia

2.Due to her social and mental state,she takes the side of edges rather quickly,yet knows when to do the right thing.