Stark the mongoose/fox is a character of DXS or DubstepxSonic

Bio Edit

name: Stark Jacobson

age: 20 (future timeline)

Born: October 5 2050

type: Power

occupation: hero

Friends: none as of now

neutral: none as of now

rival: none as of now

enemy: anyone evil

Home Planet: Mobius

family members:

◾mother: Sana the Fox

  • Father: Gavin the Mongoose
  • Brother: (none)
  • Sister: Cultina the mongoose/Fox

back storyEdit

none yet


none yet


Super Strength

core blast

this is similar to chaos blast but instead of using chaos energy it uses the core cube elements

core control

unlike chaos control this does not allow Gavin to slow down time instead he can only teleport

core barrage

this is a energy barrage using the core cube's energy


marshal arts expert

he can use hand to hand combat to his advantage


he is able to weld a sword or swords

element user

can obtain elements using the core cubes

Gallery Edit

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