This is the story of how one girl became a host.

Season 1.Theme Song:EditEdit

Kiss, kiss, fall in love! (Hey! Hey! Hey!) I see you come, I watch you go; you never seem to leave me, though. So is this love or hate? We'll're makin' me crazy! Inside my dreams, you're all I see. Well, all I see is you and me. Lady, maybe, or host? I find I really don't mind If I had to choose a rose, in this garden of romance, Maybe we could take this chance...maybe you're my love, And I would like to find a hand like yours to take mine, And with one kiss we could stop time, and I'd fall in love with you. Tomorrow's far away; let's place our hope in today. Just you and me in a beautiful spring...and we'll always fall in love, again. (Hey! Hey!) Maybe you're my love!

Season 1.

I'm a host,what?!!EditEdit