Sonic Battle BrawlersEditEdit

Plot:A girl discovers the joy of Bakugan the day the Mobius Bakugan craze begins.This story is done completely in Sally's P.O.V.


Sally,an Aquos battler,the main character,she just discovers Bakugan and gets addicted to it.Her partner is Elfin.</p>

">Jennifer:Sally's best friend and a Ventus brawler,she loves to come up with new strategies.Her partner is Hawktor.</p>

Tiffany:The school bully,Sally's "friend" and a Pyrus user,she isn't really a bully,just that her way of thinking can lead her to act like one.Her partner is Rubanoid.

Nate;Sally's brother and the team's resident Haos brawler,he never passes up on a chance to show up Sally.His partner is Wolfurio.

Jordin:Waiter at Cafe battle and Darkus expert,the cousin of Jennifer,he doesn't talk much.His partner is Linehalt.


">Chester:Subterra Bakugan brawler and advice giver,he doesn't battle much but knows enough about it.His partner is Roxtor.

Chapter 1.Cards and Balls raining Down??!!EditEdit

I was leaving my house to go to the park when I heard a girl scream.I looked up and saw cards raining down from the sky.As soon I picked up a card,a white light blinded me.When it vanished,I saw a bunch of toy balls on the gound.It wasn't enough to like bury everyone,but still.I went over to a blue one and picked it up.