Shin Metal Sonic (シンメタルソニック,Shinmetarusonikku),Also known as New Metal Sonic (ニューメタルソニック,Nyūmetarusonikku) (Shin Metal Sonic is the "canonical" name in the roleplay,to avoid confusion with Neo Metal Sonic) is the commander of the Neo Eggman Empire,He is a highly advanced version of Metal Sonic.



The following has been classified by the Neo Eggman Empire for the following reason: Spoilers. This part won't be filled until a few chapters in the roleplay.


  • I didn't pick What I'm Made Of because that's reserved for Neo Metal Sonic (Even if the original Metal Sonic would appear,he would be unable to turn into Neo Metal Sonic,ever.) I might change my mind on Shin Metal Sonic's theme :/
Emerald in the Edge
Heroes Cameron Langdon,Hana,Joshua Sentrium Burns
Villains Shin Metal Sonic,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 1,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 2,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 3
Weapons Roboticization Gun
Objects Content
Vehicles Content
Good New Stardust Federation,Jkirk Federations
Neutral Content
Evil Neo Eggman Empire/N.E.E.
Chapter Groups
Neo Eggman Empire Group Chapter 1:WHAT? You're saying that i'm gonna have a roommate with amnesia?,