Runa the LionEditEdit

Full Name:Runa Saotome Macchie.


Runa the Lion





Clothes:School uniform;In school. Brown punk top,red skirt and brown hiking boots, Also clear blue glasses with clear lenses.

Favorite Food:Waffles.

Favorite Color:Green.

Favorite Song:Believe It by Cimorelli

Favorite T.V. Show:Art Study.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:Any Tabloid magazine.

Favorite Movie:Gravity.

Favorite Video Game:Mass Effect.


Birthday:August 4.

Theme Song:Work of Art by Demi Lovato

Voice Actress:Jamie Marchi (2013)

Seiyu:Yuko Sasamoto (2013)



Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship: Blake (partner)

Friends:Nene,Yuyu,Blake and Chi.

Rivals:Onychinus and Morpheus.

Enemies:Kannada and Nara.

Abilities:Drawing,coloring,painting and photography,

Special Abilities:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Runa can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay;She is dressed in her school uniform,she gains a magic sketchbook:objects drawn in it become real and move off of the paper.

Armor:Dressed in a long pink shirt, blue boots,pink skirt and light blue beret. She is equipped with a magic pen that works just like her cosplay form,except the objects she draws can attack things in the real world. Don't worry,she has complete control over whatever she has drawn.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Water and Cookies.

Personality:Fiesty,witty,playful,manipulative and exciting. Though she doesn't let her anger get the better of her most times,there are rare times that she's like a volcano.

Likes:All things art,setting her friends up on dates and having a good time.

Dislikes:When she's stuck for a muse.When people make fun of her awesome drawing prowess and when she glasses fall off.

Ability Type:Suka;Agility,Cosplay:Support Armor:Support,

Hair Color:Green.

Hair Style:Long and stops at her armpits.

Fur Color:Grey.

Eye Color:Brown.

Height:5" 11'

Weight:99 lbs.

Appearance:She glasses are taped due to a fight with Laura.

Sexual Preference:Straight,though has hinted otherwise.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Video Game Appearance:

Runa's Art World:Main character.;

Other Info:Her last three drawings are on display at the Station Square Art Center. She has a genderbent version of herself:Bruno.


Genderbent Runa:Bruno