Rocky the HawkEditEdit

Real Name: Raquel.

Full Name: Raquel Sasha Stewart.

Sex: Female.

Species: Hawk/Mobian.

Age: 14.

Allignment: Good.

Clothes: Anything fashion forward and playful.

Favorite Food: Anything Meatless.

Favorite Color: Pink and Yellow. They match her good and nice attitude.

Favorite Song: Life's What You Make It by Hannah Montana

Favorite T.V. Show: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Favorite Sport: She loves Dancing so much she considers it a sport.

Weapons: Her Dance Moves.

Birthday:May 5th.

Theme Song: Let's Do This by Hannah Montana

Voice Actresses: Anneliese Van Der Pol (2006-2010) Ariana Grande (2010-Present).

Accent: American.


Kendra: Mom.

Ty: Brother.

Love Interest: Jet.

Relationship: Jet.

Friends: CynthiaNatashaCeCeMiranda (Former Rivals) and Felvin

Rivals: Miranda (Former).

Enemies: Eggman, Rouge,and Shadow.

Abilities: Dancing, Knitting (Badly),and Creating Clothes.

Special Abilities: Capturing others in things such as cards,dice and marbles.

Personality: She's described as a goody-two shoes,but she's a good friend,and she's a vegetarian.

Likes: School, Dancing, Creating Clothes, Hanging out with Cece and shopping.

Dislikes: Knitting, Evil, and when CeCe's plans turn out badly.

Ability Type: Power.

Hair Color: Brown-Black.

Hair Style: She has a lot of hair styles, but they are mostly shoulder length.

Skin Color: Light Brown.

Eye Color: Brown.

Height: 104 Cm.

Weight: She'd be glad to tell you, it's 93 Lbs.

Appearance: She has 1 tail, and her feet are big for her age.

Sexuality: Straight.

Super Forms: None.

Teams: None.

Number of Video Game Appearances: 1.

Video Game Appearance:

Sonic Dance: (1st Play-Able Character besides CeCe).

Other Info: She's a dancer on Dance Now Mobius with Cece ,she enjoys Karate, and she loves keeping her perfect attendance record intact.

Chao: Glam,she's Red with Purple eyes.