Plot:Rebecca's love of Dueling has gotten her into an adventure.Her first adventure as well,let's see how she does.

(Note:This story continues from Rebecca Hawkins' Rules for Dueling,Tips for all types)


Rebecca Hawkins:12 year old Mobian-born Half-Hawk/Half-Human and is the intercontinental Mobian Duel Champion,plus she's the main heroine of this story.

Jones Gee the Hawk:Rebecca's grandfather on her dad's side,he was once a famous adventurer,but now he runs a game shop for his Grand-daughter.

Mark the Cat;One of Rebecca;s best friends,he's in love with Rebecca,but is too shy to admit it,he rarely duels.But just cause he's too shy to tell Rebecca his feeling for her,that doesn't mean he's not willing to tell someone off.

Sade the Lynx:Another of Rebecca's best friends,she was once the intercontinental Mobian Duel Champion,but she willingly gave up her title to Rebecca,so now she follows Rebecca as a rival and friend.

Maria Prezzie de Tale the Crocodile:Rebecca's childhood best friend,she is actually a duelist who uses her innocent and childish behavior to trick people.But Rebecca keeps in her in check.


Tenma Richardson the Hedgehog.:Main Antagonist and Rebecca's arch-enemy.They were once friends,but Tenma ditched Rebecca for an unknown reason,now she aspires to beat Rebecca and prove that she's the best Duelist on Mobius.

Chapter 1.A new Tourney.EditEdit

"Ok,Shining Friendship,end this duel."Rebecca said.The monster attacked ending the duel."NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"Eliot yelled defeated.

"Ok man,I win agin."Rebecca said happy. Eliot said thanks and left Rebecca alone."What should I do now?"Rebecca asked herself. Just the her grandpa came in."Rebecca,an announcement has been made,check the news."He told her.So she did.

"The latest update on the next Dueling Tourney."The reporter began."I gotta hear this."Rebecca told herself as the man on the news began. "International and leading company in entertainment:Osha Corp has just announced their first city-wide tournament for dueling,anyone good or likes to duel should sign up now."The man said.

"Oh man,I got to enter this."Rebecca said as she dialed her phone."Hello,Osha Corp,if your calling to enter the tourney,press 1."The operator said. Rebecca pressed 1. "Give your info now."The operator said.

"Rebecca Hawkins,12 years old,Intercontinental Dueling Champion."Rebecca stated. The operator ran a background check."Congrat,you are entered,prelims begin tomorrow,good luck."She said.Rebecca hung up and starts screaming in excitement.

Just then.her gramps came in carrying dinner. "Eat up,you got a long day tomorrow."He said sitting down next to her. Thanks gramps,I love you."Rebecca said after eating dinner and heading off to bed. "Love you to darling."He said as he went to bed.

Chapter 2.The Tourney Begins.EditEdit

I was at school,getting ready for the duel tourney when my best friends in the whole wide world walked up to me.