Rebecca Hawkins' Rules for Dueling,Tips for all typesEditEdit

Intro:Hi,i'm Rebecca Hawkins,Champion dueling prodigy,here I will help all you Mobians and Humans learn about the fun game that is Duel Monsters,this is a tutorial that you read,not watch so if you don't like reading:GO AWAY.Now to begin.


Rebecca Hawkins,


Rebecca's Grandpa:Jones Gee:Prologue to Beginning of Chapter 10,and guest appearence in the Final Chapter.

Eliot the Cat:Chapter 10 and on.


Rebecca was just sitting in her room when her Grandpa came in."Rebecca dear,how do you play that game your always on about,Duel Monster?"He asked her."Gramps,you taking an interest in the game?"She asked."No,just wanting to bond with my only grandchild."He replied."Ok,fine."She agreed.Instantly,the room became Chibi style.

Chapter 1.Card names and their RolesEditEdit


"As the title of our first chapter says,let's begin with Card names and their Roles."She said smiling.She pulled out her Duel Disk and a field appeared."Ok,this is the basic field of battle,except when there are two players,the field doubles,meaning,what I have,the other player gets too."She told him.

"Ok,now to begin explaining."She said taking out her deck."A duel is a card game fought using various cards."Rebecca said drawing 5 cards."Ok,well,first is the Monster Zone,this is where monsters summoned during a duel are placed, monsters placed here can battle."Rebecca told her gramps. The part of the field lit up.

"Next is,the Spell and Trap zone,this is where you place Spell and Trap cards when you use them during a duel."Rebecca said looking at her cards.The zone lit up.

"Now,the Graveyard:monsters that are destroyed as a result of battle as well as Spell and Traps that have been used are placed here.The cards in the Graveyard can viewed by any player."Rebecca told her gramps. The Graveyard lit up.

"Next is the Deck Zone,you place your deck,upside down here.A deck is a stack of cards you use during a duel,The size of the deck can contain 40 to 60 cards.'Rebecca said placing her deck back into her pocket.

The deck zone lit up."Now,the Removed Card Zone,cards that are removed from play as a result of another card's effect are placed here.Cards placed here generally cannot be used again in a duel."Rebecca said.The zone lit up."Ok,Field Card Zone,This is where you place Field Spell Cards,which have special effects."She said sitting down.

"Extra Deck Zone,This is where you place,Xyz,Synchro and Fusion monster card,because they can't be in your regular deck."Rebecca said laying down.The zone lit up.

Different Cards.

"Card are dived into 3 major types,Monster,Spell and Trap.Cards that are yellow,orange,violet,blue,white or black are Monster cards,Any of these monsters can battle,Spells,they are green and help you with various effects,they vary depending on the card,so be sure to read the effect before playing them."Rebecca said closing her eyes.

"Finally Traps:they are pink and have the ability to surprise your opponent and disrupting their attacks and strategies.Most Traps are activated in response to an action taken by your opponent."Rebecca said getting up.

"The kind of monster that you can play are like I said:split in 6 colors."Rebecca started.

"Normal Monsters are Yellow:they have no special qualties,Effects Monsters,which have special effects are Orange,Fusion Monsters are Violet,Fusion Monsters are used when you fuse two or more monsters together,Ritual Monsters,are Monsters that can only be summoned by using a Ritual Spell and following the instructions."Rebecca said drawing a monster card of each type.

"Synchro Monsters are white,they are summoned when you "tune" a Tuner Monster with 1 or more non-Tuner monsters,and,Xyz Monsters are Black,they are pretty much the same as Synchro monsters,except you must place two monsters with the same level on top of each other to summon them."Rebecca finished.

Chapter 2.Game Play/SummoningEditEdit

Well that was long and informative,but can you give me a more in depth explanation?"Rebecca's grandpa asked."Sure,let's start with Game Play/Summoning."Rebecca agreed."Before the actual duel,the two players play a game of Rock-Paper,Scissors to decide who goes first or second.The winner decides if he or she goes first or second."Rebecca said pulling out fake props.

"Once the order is chosen,the duel begins,Each player draws 5 cards,that's the players' starting hand."Rebecca said drawing 5 cards."Cards used during a duel are mostly played from your hand,so your chance to take over the duel comes when you draw a powerful card."Rebecca said."Each turn,the players,alternate performing actions,each set of action is called a turn."Rebecca told her gramps.

"At the beginning of your turn,you draw the top card on your deck,this is called a draw."She said as she drew a card."After drawing,if you have a Monster card,you can place it on your field in the Monster Card Zone,this is called summoning,you can only summon 1 monster per turn."Rebecca said."You can only have 5 monsters on the field at a time,so be careful on what you summon."Rebecca told her gramps who was by this point taking notes.

Chapter 3.Attack/Phase/DamageEditEdit

"Rebecca,please tell me more."Grandpa told her grand-daughter."Well,let's go over some stuff."Rebecca said."First is the Draw Phase,when it's a player's turn,they draw 1 card from the top of their deck,unless under a special effect,you only draw 1 card,if a player has no cards left in their deck and cannot draw,they lose the duel automatically."Rebecca said drawing a card.

"Standby Phase,normally,nothing happens during this phase."Rebecca said sighing."Now,Main Phase,there are two,one on both sides of the Battle Phase,they have different names:Main Phase 1 and Main Phase 2,but they are pretty much the same,during your Main phase,you can summon,use a spell,etc."Rebecca said switching to her Main Phase 1.

"Battle Phase is where battle is conducted,you don't have to battle,you can skip this phase and if you go first in a duel,you can't enter this phase until your second turn.'Rebecca said going in her Battle Phase."Finally,the End Phase,this is where you end your turn."Rebecca said ending her turn.

"Now we head to attacking,first you pick one of your monsters,then select an opponent's monster,if both monsters are in ATK mode and your opponent's monster is destroyed,they receive battle damage,be careful cause the same applies to you if you get attacked."Rebecca said watching her gramps."Both duelists begin a duel with 8000 Life Points,if a duelists' Life Points hit -,they lose the duel."Rebecca said

"When a monster is in Atk mode,it uses it's Atk points,when a battle between two Atk mode monsters is conducted,the monster with the lower Atk points,loses and it's own again,loses Life Points.the amount depends on the Atk points of the monsters."Rebecca said.

"For example,my Kuriboh has 300 Atk,while my Mystical Elf has 800,if they battle,then the difference in their Atk points is deduced from the Life points, so if my two monsters battled,I would lose 500 Life Points."Rebecca said smiling."If a player has no monsters out and are attacked,it's called a Direct Attack,meaning that person who's attacked loses Life Points"Rebecca said drawing a card.

"If two monsters with the same Atk,attack each other,then both monsters are destroyed and no-one loses Life Points."Rebecca said."If a Def monster is attacked by a monster with more Atk points,the Def monster is destroyed.If it's attacked by a monster with less Atk points,the owner of the attacking monster loses Life Points."Rebecca said.

"So,for example,I have my Mystical Elf in DEF Mode with 2000 Def points and is attacked by my Kuriboh,then I lose 2700 Life points,but if she's attacked by let's say my Dark Magician who has 2500,then she is destroyed."Rebecca finished.

Chapter 4.Changing Battle PositionEditEdit

"Rebecca,please tell me about the Positions."Her grandpa asked her."Well,at the Main Phase 1,that's when you summon,now this is important,if you place a monster in a position then,you can't change it on the same turn,you'll have to wait until your next turn,or use a card's effect.,now Def position keeps you safe from losing Life Points if attacked,unless a card effect is used.'I already explained Atk position,so that's it."Rebecca said.

Chapter 5.High Level MonstersEditEdit

"Now I will explain Monster Cards,each Monster card has a name illustration,but since this is in story mode,no-one can see a picture"Rebecca said."On the card is where you can find info,this applies to all cards,a monster's Atk and Def are also printed on the card,each monster has a specific attribute,there are some card effects that can only effect a certain attribute."Rebecca said showing off a Monster Card."There are 7 of them:Dark,Divine,Earth,Fire,Light,Water,and,Wind."Rebecca said.

"Each Monster card also has a Type,there are 22 of them:Aqua,Beast,Beast-Warrior,Dinosaur,Divine-Beast,Dragon,Fairy,Fiend,Fish,Insect,Machine,Plant,Psychic,Pyro,Reptile,Rock,Sea-Serpent,Spell-caster,Thunder,Warrior,Winged-Beast,and,Zombie."Rebecca said pulling out a board.

"Now,I will explain the Level system,it's pretty easy the more you think about it."She said writing on the board."Levels go from 1 all the way to 12,Monsters that are Level 1,2,3,and,4 you can summon right away unless there is a special condition,Level 5 and 6 requires you to sacrifice 1 monster to Special Summon it,and the other levels all require 2 sacrifices unless there's a condition,and any kind of Monster can be sacrificed. "Rebecca told her gramps.

Chapter 6.Spell and Trap Card BasicsEditEdit

"Ok,now we go onto the Spell and Trap Basics,Spell can normally be activated during your Main Phases and help you with various effects,they have many powerful effects,like destroying monsters or powering up monsters."Rebecca explained.

Trap cards are pretty much like Spells,except you can use them during your opponents turn,many Spells have effects for the Offensive,but Traps are handy for the Defensive,like stopping attacks or destroying monsters.just like Monsters,Spells and Traps have names in illustrations."Rebecca said."Each Spell and Trap's conditions and effects are also given."Rebecca said drawing on the board.

"As with,Monsters,most Spells and Traps have to be set on the field before using them."Rebecca said pointing at the board."Traps can be used any turn after being set,but Spells can only by activated during your Main Phases."Rebecca told her grandpa."Now,when it comes to Spells and Traps,your opponent won't know what you set until you reveal them."Rebecca added.

Chapter 7.Spell and Trap Card TypesEditEdit

"Ok,Spells and Traps are divided into types,I will now go into that."Rebecca said.

"Equip Spells,these allow you to give 1 monster an extra effect,they remain on the field after they are activated,when the equipped monster is destroyed,so is the Equip Spell."Rebecca said."Continuous Spells are spells that remain on the field after activation and their effects remain as long as they are on the field,depending on the effect,the Spells' time on the field varies."Rebecca said writing on the board.

"Continuous Traps are the same thing as Continuous Spells in every way,except they are well Traps,Field Spells are unlike any other Spell,they are placed in the Field Spell Zone,their effects vary,there can only be one Field Spell on the field,when another is activated,the one on the field already is destroyed,"Rebecca said writing furiously.

"Quick-Play Spells are special,they don't have a specific timing,these can be activated anytime,you can use them during your opponent's turn,but they must be set on your turn,also you can't use them on the same time you've set them.Counter Traps are normally used in response to the activation of other cards and may have abilities likes negating the effects of those cards,these have the fastest Spell Speed,Spell Speed is what we will cover later."Rebecca explained.

+Chapter 8.Fusion/RitualEditEdit

"Ok,now let's tackle the tricky summons that are Fusion and Ritual."Rebecca said drawing a one of each."A Fusion monster is the violet one,they are special monsters that go in your Extra Deck.Fusion Monsters are summoned by using the specific monsters listed on the Fusion Monster Card,combined with the Spell Card:Polymerization,but this is not the only way you can Fusion Summon,you could also use the Field Spell:Fusion Gate to Fusion Summon right away."Rebecca told her gramps.

"As the info printed on Polymerization says:you can send Fusion Material Monsters that are listed by a Fusion Monster Card from your hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard and Special Summon the Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck."Rebecca stated.

"When using Polymerization,you must activate the spell before sending the needed monsters to the grave."Rebecca said as she drew one."Now,I send my Blade Skater and Etoile Cyber to the grave to Fusion Summon,Cyber Blader."Rebecca said activating the fusion.The monster appeared and Rebecca moved on.

"OK,onto Ritual Monsters and Summoning.."Rebecca said drawing some cards."Ritual Monsters are Blue,they are different from Fusion Monsters in that Ritual Monsters replaced in the Main Deck.,However in order to summon them,you must use a specific Ritual Spell Card,along with a required tribute."Rebecca said.

"Generally,in order to Ritual Summon you need the Ritual Monster Card and a specific Ritual Spell Card in your hand. You then tribute monsters from the field or your hand whose total Levels are equal to or greater than the Level of the Ritual Monster,you are tying to Ritual summon."Rebecca said looking at her hand.

"For Example,in order to Ritual Summon a Level 8 Ritual Monster,you will need to tribute monsters from the field or your hand whose total Levels are equal to or greater than 8,so like one Level 1 monster and 1 Level 7 monster,or two Level 2 monsters and 1 Level 5 monster."Rebecca stated."Also,Ritual and Fusion summons can be done at any time during your turn."Rebecca added.

Chapter 9.Effect MonstersEditEdit

"Rebecca,please explain to me,Effect Monsters."Rebecca's grandpa told her."K,well,up to now,Normal,Fusion and Ritual Monsters have be explained,so let's get started."Rebecca said starting off the chapter.

"Effect monsters are orange,with the exception of a few cards,Effect Monsters do not have any special summoning criteria like Fusion and Ritual monster do,Effect Monsters like Spell Cards,have the effects that can be activated,Effects are broken down into 5 major types,so let's look at them."Rebecca said drawing 5 cards.

"First Continuous Effect,these are active while the Effect Monster Card is face-up on the field,Command Knight will do."She said as she summoned Command Knight."As long as Command Knight is face-up on the field,the Atk of all Warrior type monsters is increased by 400 points,that is a Continuous Effect."Rebecca said.

"Ignition Effect,You can use this type of effect just by declaring it's activation.You can normally activate this type of effect only during your Main Phases.There are some Ignition Effects that have a cost,like discarding cards from your hand,or tribute your monsters to activate."Rebecca said.

Rebecca then summoned Exiled Force and then sacrificed it."If your opponent has a strong monster on the field and you cannot attack,you can use this effect to deal direct damage at your opponent."Rebecca said.

"Now,Trigger Effects,these effects are activated at specific times,such as "When this monsters is successfully summoned" or "During the Standby Phase."Rebecca stated.She draws 2 cards."I summon Marauding Captain,now I activate his effect that lets me summon another warrior monster,I choose Cyber Tutu.She summoned Cyber Tutu and sent them to the graveyard.

"Ok,now Quick Effects,these are special monster effects that you can activate even during your opponent's turn as long as specific requirements are met."Rebecca said.She summoned Injection Fairy Lily."Ok,now if my Fairy Lily fights a monster that is stronger than her,at the last moment I can pay half my life points to increase her Atk points by 3000,this is an example of a Quick Effect."Rebecca said sending her Lily to the grave.

'Lastly,Flip Effects,very easy to understand,these are effects that are automatically activated when a face-down card is flipped face-up.This can happen when it is Flip-Summoned,attacked while face-down or flipped face-up by a card effect."You can't flip summon the same turn that you set a monster face-down."Rebecca added.

She shows her gramps the Man Eater Bug."If this guy is flipped face-up,I can destroy one monster on the field."Rebecca said.She put away the cards she used to teach her gramps.

Chapter 10.About ChainsEditEdit

"Rebecca,I have a doctor's appointment,so would you please video tape the rest,I also have your friend Eliot here to help."Rebecca's grandpa said leaving. Eliot appeared with a video camera."Ok,let's do this."He said recording.

"Fine,now we will handle Chains,A "Chain" is a system that allows layers to activate and resolve multiple card effects smoothly.A chain also refers to the activation of a card in response to another card's activation."Rebecca said writing on the board."If a card's effect is activated,the opponent is always given a chance to respond with one of his or her won cards."Rebecca said as she continued writing.

"If the opponent activates an effect in response,a chain is created.Afterwards you are given a chance to make an additional play on the chain.Both players continues to add effects to the chain until they both wish to add nothing else,then you resolve the outcome in reverse order - starting with the last card that was activated."Rebecca said."Also,if your opponent does not make a chain,you may chain to your own card's activation."Eliot added.

"The outcome may vary depending on the order of the effects added to a chain,so be sure to fully understand chains through dueling."Rebecca finished."I will now explain Spell Speed,like I said I would earlier,Spell Speed refers to the speed of a card's effect.If you want to respond to a card's effect in a chain,you cannot respond with a card that a slower Spell Speed."Eliot said.

"There are Spell Speeds from 1 to 3,Spell Speed 1 is the slowest,while Spell Speed 3 is the fastest."Rebecca said."Spell Speed 1 consists of Normal Spells, Equip Spells,Field Spells, Continuous Spells,Ritual Spells,and Effect Monsters effects other than Quick Effects,These cards cannot be activated in a chain to any other cards."Rebecca said.

"Spell Speed 2 consists of Quick-Play Spells,Normal Traps,Continuous Traps,and,Quick Effects of Effect Monsters.These cards can be used agaainst a card with a Spell Speed of 1 or 3."Rebecca said writing."And, Spell Speed 3 consists of only Counter Traps,These cards can be chain against a card of any Spell Speed."Eliot added for her.

Chapter 11.MatchEditEdit

"Eliot,would you mind taking this one,it's about Match Duels."Rebecca asked Eliot. "Sure,you take the camera."Eliot agreed. Rebecca took the camera and began filming. "A Match Duel is a set of 3 duels where the first player to win 2 duels wins the match. A single duel is a one time duel that determines the winner."Eliot started.

"If the result of a Match Duel is 1 win and 2 draws,the layer who won once is the winner. If the result is one win,one loss,and on draw,the game proceeds to an Extra Duel.An Extra Duel is a short duel where the player with the most of Life Points after the fourth turn wins."Eliot said."A Match Duel has several rules:In-Between duels in a Match Duel,players can switch cards between their Deck/Extra Deck and Side Deck.Eliot said pulling out her deck.

A side deck is a 15 card deck made specifically for Match Duels.After the first duel,use your Side Deck to adjust your deck according to your opponent's strategy."Rebecca chimed in.Rebecca placed the camera back on Eliot as Eliot began to write on the board.

"You can switch as many cards as you like,but you must have the same amount of cards in your Deck and Extra Deck as you did before you switched them.In other words,you must have the same amount of cards you had before you made any switches."Eliot said."In the first duel,a game of rock-paper-scissors decides who with get the choice of going first or second. In the second and third duels,the loser of the previous duel get to choose."Eliot said.

"If the previous duel ended in a draw, a game of rock-paper-scissors is played again to decide which player chooses."Eliot said finishing.

Chapter 12.Special Cards 1EditEdit

"Ok,now I will explain some special cards,let's start with Trap Monsters."Rebecca started."A Trap Monster like Embodiment of Apphis is Special Summoned onto when activated.It is treated as a Monster Card as well."Rebecca started."Because it is treated as both a Trap and a Monster,it uses 1 Spell and Trap zone,so that zone is unavailable."Rebecca finished.

"Ok,onto Token Monster,A Token is a monster created by another card's effect.Tokens are treated as normal monsters.When a card's effect that creates a Token is activated,a Toke is Special Summoned to the field."Rebecca started."Tokens are Special Summoned to the field.They are grey-colored.Tokens also cannot be in face-down position. A Token cannot be the target of a card's effect that changes a monster to face-down Defense mode.."Rebecca continued.

"There are some Tokens that can be used as Tributes.Be sure to check the text of a card to make sure if the Token can be used like this or not."Rebecca finished."There are some cards that use a coin flip effect,if used,you choose heads or tails then flip the coin.There are card effects that require the coin to land a specified side,and the effect can change depending on which side it lands on."Rebecca said.

"In the same way,there are card effects that require a dice to roll on specified numbers where the resulting effect depends on the number."Eliot added."Correct."Rebecca said giving Eliot a thumbs up.

Chapter 13.Special Cards 2EditEdit

"If you don't mind Eliot,could you take this one?"Rebecca asked."Of course."He agreed."Ok,now we will talk more about Special Cards,starting with Toon Monsters."Eliot said starting off the chapter.

"When the Continuous Spell Card :Toon World is face-up on your side of field. Toon Monsters can use their devastating feature. Toon Monsters have a special feature that lets them directly attack your opponent.However Toon Monster cannot be Normal Summoned."Eliot continued.

"These Toon Monsters can be Special Summoned when Toon World is on the field. You will still need to tribute the appropriate number of monsters,just like with any tribute summon."Eliot carried on."You also have to pay 500 Life Points when directly attacking your opponent's Life Points and if Toon World is destroyed,your monster is destroyed as well. Although these cards have some disadvantages,a Deck full of Toon cards can be very powerful."Eliot said.

"Some Toon Monsters can be normal summoned like Toon Gemini Elf.Read the cards text carefully to fully understand it's effect."Eliot finished."Now,let's look at Union Monsters,A Union Monster is a special kind of monster that can equip itself to a specific monster.Once per turn,you can equip and unequip a Union Monster."Eliot started.

"When treated as an Equip Card,it is placed on the Spell and Trap zone, instead of the Monster Card zone.If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of combat,the Union Monster is destroyed instead.Union cards many many support cards,such as Frontline Base."Eliot finished.

"Now,onto Spirit Monsters,A Spirit Monster is a monster that returns to it's owner's hand at the end of the turn it was summoned or Flip summoned. Because it returns to it's owner's hand,the risk of it being destroyed is lower.Most Spirit Monsters have powerful effects.Spirit Monsters also cannot be Special Summoned."Eliot added.

"Onto Gemini Monsters,They are Effect Monsters but are treated as Normal Monsters when face-up on the field or when in the Graveyard.If you summon them again while they are face-up on the field,they become Effect Monster with a variety of effects.."Eliot said."Spell Counters are up,"Eliot started.

"A Spell Counter is a type of counter that is put on cards that used Spell Counters.Some cards' effects are enabled according to the number of the Spell Counters put on them.Also there are cards that,by removing a certain number of counters on them,,let you activate special effects.You cannot put a Spell Counter on a card that does not use Spell Counters.If in a card's text that it says only counter,then that's a different counter than a Spell Counter."Eliot said.

"Finally,we'll looks at LV Monsters,By meeting certain conditions,cards with the word LV included in their name can level up to a monster with a higher LV. Generally,the higher the LV,the more powerful the monster and it's effect.When using LV Monsters,make sure to understand how each card levels up and construct a deck that willow you to utilize them easily."Eliot finished.

Chapter 14.Synchro/Xyz SummonEditEdit

"If you don't mind,i'll take explanation of Synchro and Xyz summons."Rebecca said.Eliot took the camera.

"A Synchro Monster is a white-colored card,This card cannot be placed in your Main Deck.Instead it goes in your Extra Deck like a Fusion Monster.In order to summon Synchro Monster,you will need a monster called a Tuner Monster.Any monster with the word:Tuner listed after it's type is a Tuner Monster.:Rebecca started.

"In order to summon a Synchro Monster,you will need 1 Tuner Monster and 1 or more non-Tuner monsters on your field to use as Synchro Material Monsters.The combined Levels of the 2 or more Synchro Material Monsters must be equal to the Level of the Synchro Monster.Also,all Synchro Material Monsters must be face-up,so you'll have to be careful."Rebecca continued.

"When 2 or more monsters are sent to the Graveyard as Synchro Material Monsters during the Main Phase,you can special summon a Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck.This is called a Synchro Summon.Unlike Fusion Monsters or Ritual Monsters,you can Special Summon Synchro Monsters without using any specific Spell."Rebecca stated.

"Synchro Monster can also be used as non-Tuner Synchro Material Monsters.By meeting the requiremnts for Synchro Summons,you can Summon powerful monsters to the field."Rebecca added."When you construct your Deck,it's importasnt yo balance it out wit Tuners and non-Tuners. Requirements for Synchro Material Monster vary depending on the Synchro Monster,so be sure to read each Synchro Monster Card's text carefully"Rebecca went on.

"Onto Xyz summoning,Xyz Summons can be conducted when there are two or more monsters of the same Level on your side of the field. Those monsters can be used as Xyz Materials to Summon an Xyz Monster whose Rank is the same as the Levels of the monsters used.In order to Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster, you must first take the required Xyz Materials face-up on your side of the field and stack them together (called overlaying in the anime). Then, the Xyz Monster is Xyz Summoned from your Extra Deck, and placed on top of the stack."Eliot started.

"Xyz Materials are not sent to the Graveyard. Instead, they are placed on the same Monster Card Zone beneath the Summoned Xyz Monster.The respective battle positions of the Xyz Materials do not matter, so long as they are all face-up. However, once you have Xyz Summoned your Xyz Monster, ensure that the entire stack is neatly aligned in face-up attack position, regardless of whether or not the Xyz Monster is summoned in face-up ATK or DEF position."Eliot continued.

"An Xyz Summon is a type of Special Summon, and an Xyz Monster is a Special Summon-only monster. Some effects may require you to remove Xyz Materials from an Xyz Monster. In this case, the required Xyz Materials are taken from beneath the Xyz Monster in question and sent to the Graveyard. This is known as detaching. Be wary though, as some such effects may have a downside if an Xyz Monster has no Xyz Materials left beneath."Eliot stated.

"Note that an Xyz Monster Special Summoned via any means other than an Xyz Summon,except for "Xyz Reborn will not have any Xyz Materials beneath it. Therefore, any negative effects that might apply to an Xyz Monster in such a state will be applied immediately.If an Xyz Monster is flipped face-down, the Xyz Materials beneath it are not sent to the Graveyard."Rebecca chimed in.

"If a card that would banish cards sent to the Graveyard,such as Macro Cosmos or Banisher of the Radiance,is in effect, when an Xyz Monster is destroyed/removed from the field the Xyz Materials beneath it are banished. However if an effect that would banish a monster(s) on the field like:Dimensional Fissure is activated, only the Xyz Monster will be affected. The Materials used will be sent to the Graveyard."Eliot continued.

"Similar to how players say that they "Release"/"Tribute", "Sacrifice", "Fuse", and "Tune" their monsters to perform a Tribute, Ritual, Fusion, and Synchro Summon, respectively, players would state that they "Overlay" their selected monsters to perform an Xyz Summon."Eliot finished.

"Now onto the special level system of Xyz Monsters:Rank,Rebecca,you can take this."Eliot said grabbing the camera.

"A Rank (ランク, Ranku) is an indicator that is exclusive to Xyz Monsters, used in place of a Level. It is indicated by a number of stars, similar to a Level; however, they are aligned at the left side of the card, and are depicted by a yellow star on a black circle. The Rank of an Xyz Monster is the same as the Level of its Xyz Materials. An Xyz Monster's Rank is not its Level. Xyz Monsters do not have a Level."Rebecca started.

"Therefore, they cannot be used for Synchro, Ritual, or Xyz Summons (except for Chaos Xyz Evolution), and any effects that would refer to the Level of a monster, such as those of "Gravity Bind", "Level Limit - Area B", and "Burden of the Mighty" cannot be applied to an Xyz Monster.[1] Since Xyz Monsters do not have Levels, cards such as "Star Changer", "Scanner" and "Give and Take" cannot be used on them at all. Cards that modify Levels such as "Harmonic Waves", "Feedback Warrior", "Synchro Boost" and "Demotion" also cannot be used on Xyz Monsters,"Rebecca continued.

"If the only monster on the field is an Xyz Monster, those cards cannot be activated. The ATK averages for Ranks are basically the same as their respective Levels of the same amounts, but a little higher (example: Rank 3 Xyz monsters without negative effects can reach 2100 ATK and Rank 4 Xyz monsters can reach 2600 ATK). Xyz Monsters tend to have low Ranks."Eliot added.

"As a result, their ATK averages so far are not as high as Fusion, Synchro, or Ritual Monsters unless the Rank is higher or the monster requires more Xyz Materials. Just like Fusion, Synchro, and Ritual Monsters, Xyz Monsters with more powerful effects may have ATK and DEF lower than other monsters of the same Rank."Rebecca finished.

Chapter 15.Turbo DuelEditEdit

Rebecca got out her Duel Scooter."Ok,Gramps,now I will talk about Turbo Duels,this is one of the 3 vehicles a Turbo Duelist can use,it's a Duel Scooter,which is basically a scooter used for Turbo Dueling,there are also Duel Boards:Skateboards used form Turbo Dueling, and the Most popular:Duel Runner's,which are Motorcycles used for Turbo Dueling.Rebecca started the chapter off.

"Now to explain Turbo Dueling,I will start off with the Field Spell:Speed World 2,it's automatically activated at the start of a Turbo Duel.Regular Spell Cards cannot be used due to the effect of Speed World 2,Instead you used any Spell Card with "Speed Spell" in it's name,called a Speed Spell. In order to activate a Speed Spell,you will need Speed Counters,which are generated by Speed World 2.Your Speed Counters increase by one during both yours and your opponent's Standby Phase.Your opponent's also increase at the same rate."Rebecca said.

"Speed World 2 has 3 effects which can be activated using Speed Counters.The first effect removes 4 of your Speed Counters and you inflict 800 points of damage to your opponent.The second effect removes 7 of your Speed Counters and you may draw 1 card from your deck.And finally,the third effect removes 10 of your Speed Counters an you may destroy a card on the field.To activate these effects you will have to show 1 Speed Spell Card in your hand to your opponent."Rebecca went on to say.

"Ok,a Speed Spell is a Spell Card that can only be used in a Turbo Duel.Some Speed Spells list the number of Speed Counters as an Activation Requirement while others are activated by removing Speed Counters as a cost.Among Speed Spells,there are powerful cards like Raigeki which require 12 Speed Counters.In Turbo Duels,the advantage to having more Speed Counters is that you can use more powerful Speed Spells."Eliot said.

"Right."Rebecca said winking.

Chapter 16.About Tag Rules.EditEdit

"k,now for Tag Rules,all the rules that have been explained up to now still supply,so don't worry."Rebecca started.

"Each player starts with his or her own deck and Extra Deck.Partners cannon use each other's decks.Just like in Single Duels,a Deck can be up to 60 cards and an Extra Deck up to 15 cards.Teams share the same Duel Field,Graveyard,and Removed Card Zone.In other words,you use the same playing area as your partner."Rebecca started.

"Partners share Life Points and each team starts with 8000 Life Points.Damage to either one of the partners results in reducing the team's Life Points.Once a team's Life Points are reduced to 0,that Team let's looks at how turns are done."Rebecca said writing on her board.

"Ok,first is player 1,then Opponent 1's,then your tag partner's turn:you can't do anything during your partner's turn,so you have to be careful.and then it's Opponent 2 turn,during this turn:your partner can activate Set cards and your partner is the one effected by card effects.You still can't do anything,and then the turn cycle continues.Card effects that effect a player's Hand or Deck are applied to the player who can play cards at that time."Eliot added.

.Final Chapter.EpilogueEditEdit

Just then Rebecca's Grandpa appeared."Ok,i'm back from my appointment,have you filmed that lessons I missed?"He asked Rebecca."Yep,and,now that I am done,Eliot,let's duel to give Gramps a demonstration."Rebecca said smiling."Uh,Ok."Eliot said.They each grabbed a Duel Disk and prepared their decks."LET'S DUEL.'They said together.

They each draw five cards.'I'll start this off,I Set one monster and lay down 1 face-down,my turn's done."Rebecca said."My turn,I summon Beautiful Headhuntress in Atk mode and I attack your monster."Eliot said.The monster went to attack Rebecca.Her face down appeared."Behold,the Mystical Elf,you lose 400 Life Points."Rebecca said.Eliot's Life points dropped from 4000 to 3600.

"I lay down one face-down and end my turn."Eliot told her.Rebecca draws one card."I summon in Atk mode:Cinderella,her Special ability lets me summon my Pumpkin Carriage and I also use the Equip Spell:Glass Slippers on my Cinderella."Rebecca told Eliot."Now I activate Pumpkin Carriage's ability,letting Cinderella attack you directly."Rebecca exclaimed.Cinderella goes in for the attack.

"I activate my face down,Negate Attack,this stops your attack and ends your Battle Phase."Eliot told her."Nope,I use my Trap Card:Trap Jammer,now by sending a card in my hand to the grave I can continue my attack."Rebecca told him.Eliot's Trap is destroyed."Cinderella attack him directly with Shatter Kick."Rebecca told her Monster.Cinderella kicked her shows off and Eliot loss 300 Life points,reducing him to 3300.

Just then Cinderella's Glass Slippers appeared on the feet of Eliot's Beautiful Headhuntress."What the?"Eliot asked in shock."While the Glass Slippers are equipped to your monster,,you monster monster loses 1000 Atk points and cannot select Cinderella as an attack target."Rebecca explained.

Rebecca ends her turn."Hm,she has 3 weak monsters and no face-downs,her Cinderella is at 300,her Pumpkin Carriage has no Atk points and her Def mode Mystical Elf has 2000 Def points,and thanks to her Glass Slippers,my Headhuntress only has 600 Atk points,let's see what my next card is."Eliot tells himself.

He draws."I tribute my Headhuntress to Special Summon:my Dark Magician Girl and I will attack your Cinderella,now that she has her shoes back on."Eliot said.Which was true:since his Beautiful Headhuntress was destroyed to summon the Dark Magician girl.Cinderella was destroyed and Rebecca took 1700 points of Damage making the scores,Rebecca:2300 and Eliot 3300.

"Rookie,you could have attacked my Pumpkin Carriage and I would have lost a lot more,but it was your loss."Rebecca said smiling.She drew a card."I tribute my Mystical Elf and my Pumpkin Carriage to Special Summon Hexe Trude in Atk mode with 2600."Rebecca said.I also play the magic card:Axe of Despair,which raises my Hexe Trude's Atk to 3600,and I play the trap:Magic's Blessing,which increases my Life Points to the same as my opponent.

Her life Points went up to 3300 and her Hexe Trude's Atk went to 3600."Oh no,I forgot:I play this Spell:Defense Disaster,so your Dark Magician Girl is switched to Defense Mode.and when my Hexe Trude destroys her while Defense Disaster is active,then you lose Life Points equal to to Hexe Trude's Original Atk Points."Rebecca said.Her monster attacked and destroyed Dark Magician Girl.Eliot's life points dropped to 700..

"I place one face-down and end my turn."Rebecca said.Eliot drew his card."I summon Big Shield Gradna in Defense mode and end my turn.'Eliot said.Rebecca drew a card."I summon Shining Friendship in Atk mode."Rebecca said playing the card."Hexe Trude,attack his Big Shield Gardna."Rebecca ordered.His monster was destroyed.

"Ok,Shining Friendship,end this duel."Rebecca said.The monster attacked ending the duel."NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"Eliot yelled defeated.

(Note:Story continues in Rebecca Rules the Duel)