Rebecca HawkinsEditEdit

Full Name:Rebecca Chelsea Hawkins.





Clothes:Light blue top over a grey t-shirt,Light Blue Short skirt,Light Blue sneakers,Clear glasses.

Favorite Food:Fries.

Favorite Colors:Light Blue and Pink.

Favorite Song:Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj

Favorite T.V. Show:Duelist Dynamics.

Favorite Sport:Dueling,though it's not a sport.

Favorite Book:How to Duel,1 2 3.

Favorite Movie:Bratz.

Weapon:Her cards and her mind.

Birthday:August 25th.

Theme Song:Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City

Voice Actress: Kerry Williams (2012)



Unknown Mother and Father

Jones Gee (Grand-Father)

Love Interests: Makros and,Dani.


Friends: Makros,Dani,Racquett,and,Amy.

Rivals: Ivy and Mark.

Enemy:Anyone who makes fun of her and her dueling prowess.

Abilities:Superior intellect almost to the degree of Eggman and Tails.

Special Abilities:She's a psychic,so she can use her card powers as if they were her own.

Weaknesses:Bugs and Apples.

Personality:She's stubborn, petty,and, completely annoyed at other's ignorance,but when she wants or needs to,she can be sweet and caring.

Likes:Dueling,Dani,Makros,Beating people and her prized teddy bear:Phoenix.

Dislikes:Bullies,Iron,Mystique,and,Being called a kid.

Ability Type:Power,Speed,Flight,and,Support.

Hair Color:Blonde.

Hair Style:Often changes but most of the time,her hair is in two messy pig-tails tied with pink beaded hair ties.

Fur Color;She's a human,so no fur,but her skin is pale.

Eye Color:Grey-Blue.

Height:45 Cm.

Weight:She's not gonna tell ya.

Appearance:She was born to a human mother and a Hawk father,so she has the wings and tail of a hawk,but the rest of her is human,including her arms.

Sexual Preference:Bi.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic Duelers:Beginner play-able character and tutorial guide.

Other Info:She's the intercontinental Mobian Duel Champion,and as such is almost unstoppable,From time to time,she likes to hide cards in her hair.She has a gender-swapped version of herself:Beck.

Chao: None.


She has 3 decks:Big Bang,Mobius Champion and,Hawk Eyes.

The deck she uses the most is:Hawk Eyes.

She also owns at least 1 of every card in existence.