Okarukas the BadgerEditEdit

Full Name:Okarukas Shiina Miranda.


Okarukas the Badger





Clothes:School uniform:In school. Dark pink sleeveless top, black skirt, pink long socks and black heels:Not in school.

Favorite Food:Any salad.

Favorite Colors:Pink and Black.

Favorite Song:Future Sounds like Us by Dove Cameron

Favorite T.V. Show:Make it or Break it.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:Any book on cheer-leading.

Favorite Movie:Bring It On.

Favorite Video Game:America's Next Top Model.


Birthday:Janurary 23.

Theme Song:One of my own:Cheer Cheer Baby.

Voice Actress:Colleen Clinkenbeard (2013)

Seiyu:Sumie Baba (2013)

Accent:Slightly Valley Girl.


Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (Partner)

Friends:Lisa,Fulo,Blake,Onychinus and Anja.

Rivals:Hannah and Morpheus.

Enemies:Ayake,Nara and Kannada.

Abilities:Cheer-leading,Cooking,Dancing and Singing.

Special Abilities:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Okarukas can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Dressed as a samba dancer. She wears a green-pink tropical clothes with a corolla-like skirt with a small cherry plant for a head dress and blue-tinted shades. Her weapon is a maraca that can weaken gravity.

Armor:She is dressed in her school uniform. Her weapon are throwing marbles that she trap in an enemy inside of.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Embarrasing moments and Bugs.

Personality:Cheerful, Complusive, Oblivous at times, Stubborn, Slightly air-headed and Short-tempered.

Likes:Cheer-leading, her friends, shopping, dancing and Blake.

Dislikes:Bad hair days, Creepy crawlies, when she's embarrased and when Blake ignores her.

Ability Type: Suka:Agility, Cosplay:Support, Armor:Support.

Hair Color:Orange.

Hair Style:Neck-lengthed and parted in the front and twin flower buns in the back.

Fur Color:Grey and Tan.

Eye Color:Red.

Height:5' 10"


Appearance:Her navel is pierced.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:She is in training to be a colloge professor. She also has a genderbent version of herself:Orvis.


Genderbent Okarukas:Orvis