Neo Egg Pawn:Type 3  (ネオ・エッグ・ポーン:タイプ3 Neo eggu pōn: Taipu 3) is the Third type of Neo Egg Pawns.


After the Fall of the Eggman Empire,Eggman was shortly arrested,then executed. Little did everyone know that Eggman had a hidden factory that activates once he died,The Neo Egg Pawns are different than the original Egg Pawns,This is because they were meant to be used as a last resort.

The reason why there are millions of them,is because Eggman created a cloning device,without telling anyone (He also hid it,to prevent Sonic from destroying it.) that is used to clone said ores made to make the N.E.P's to save time,The N.E.P's shells also explode,that's because Eggman doesn't want to cause an inflation,rendering said ores worthless,c'mon,he's evil,but not that evil.


Type 3s are quite smart (They are frustrating to kill,Even for Sonic himself.),Type 3s typically have more privileges than Type 1s and 2s combined,Type 3s can witness a Roboticization Process on Females with no problem,This is because Type 3s are gentlemen,Even though they do fight other soldiers within the Cities,they are gentlemen.

Type 3s are also the least likely to be executed for no reason,because they are valuable to the N.E.E itself,They don't love Christmas as much as Type 1s,but they still appreciate the fact that the Emperor (Not Palpatine,This is not a Sonic and Star Wars cross over.) actually allowed all the Soldiers of the N.E.E to celebrate Christmas during a war.

Emerald in the Edge
Heroes Cameron Langdon,Hana,Joshua Sentrium Burns
Villains Shin Metal Sonic,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 1,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 2,Neo Egg Pawn:Type 3
Weapons Roboticization Gun
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Good New Stardust Federation,Jkirk Federations
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Evil Neo Eggman Empire/N.E.E.
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Neo Eggman Empire Group Chapter 1:WHAT? You're saying that i'm gonna have a roommate with amnesia?,