Neo Egg Pawn:Type 1  (ネオ・エッグ・ポーン:タイプ1 Neo eggu pōn: Taipu 1) is the First type of Neo Egg Pawns.


After the Fall of the Eggman Empire,Eggman was shortly arrested,then executed. Little did everyone know that Eggman had a hidden factory that activates once he died,The Neo Egg Pawns are different than the original Egg Pawns,This is because they were meant to be used as a last resort.

The reason why there are millions of them,is because Eggman created a cloning device,without telling anyone (He also hid it,to prevent Sonic from destroying it.) that is used to clone said ores made to make the N.E.P's to save time,The N.E.P's shells also explode,that's because Eggman doesn't want to cause an inflation,rendering said ores worthless,c'mon,he's evil,but not that evil.


N.E.P:T1's aren't the strongest or the toughest type of Neo Egg Pawns,This is because they are expandables,that is why,Because of an emotion chip that Eggman made for all Egg Pawns (C'mon,Explain EGG PAWNS RUNNING IN FEAR AT THE SIGHT OF METAL MADNESS. They have emotions,Eggman made a literal emotion chip,concluded.),they have feelings (A common tactic for some soldiers is to call a N.E.P fat,and then shoot them while they are "crying".),The only thing that most N.E.P:T1 love is christmas (The N.E.E. celebrates Christmas,even during a war,and its also the only time of the year N.E.P's aren't shooting people,And Most N.E.P's can't wait for Christmas,And keep in mind that the cities captured by the N.E.E is heavily guarded by turrets,and this also means that the New Allied Forces also celebrates Christmas,By the way,N.E.E is still off-limits to visitors during Christmas.)

EWW:The image for the NEP:T1Edit

1.The Creator of the image clearly doesn't know how to shade properly.

2.The Fingers look a little off.

3.The Feet are too short.

Side Note:Yes,i parodied CinemaSins,and yes,i sinned my own picture,and i'm well aware that it looks weird,But at least i made an effort to make it look at least original (I actually drew it with Paint.Net,using some refference pictures,and made some differences between these egg pawns and the OG's,to make it clear that these egg pawns are nothing like the OG's,slightly.),Unlike the creator of Coldsteel the Hedgeheg (He poorly edited a picture of Sonic from SSBB,C'mon,It screams "MS PAINT",He didn't even shade the darn picture.)

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