Age: 14

Speices: Little bit of a cyborg and a fox. Possibly Saiyan?

Relationship: Shaye (Boyfriend. Husband in future RP)

Powers: Pure energy.

Alignment: Neutral, but more good than before, Good. (In future RP)

Family: (In future RP) Kirin (Daughter)

theme song:

Back storyEdit

Megan was a small fox when she was kidnapped by Eggman. She doesn't remember much about her past life before becoming a cyborg and working for Eggman, but slowly she regains her memories. But as a cyborg she looked to Eggman like a father sometimes, she called him dad. She was at least six when Shaye was created, because he was created as a six year old, she fell head over heels for Shaye and her feelings got stronger as she got older. Eventually she told Eggman that she would only take a job from him if it sounded important, so she could settle down with Shaye. Though nobody ever got to discover her secret of becoming a giant ape when she looks at the full moon...

More info to come...