Matayo the Vampire King.EditEdit

Full Name:Matayo Dunam Lee.


Species:Human-Echidna Hybrid/Vampire/Mobian.



Clothes:He has all kinds of clothes.

Favorite Food:Jelly Donuts,but because the jelly is red.

Favorite Color:He doesn't have one.

Favorite Song:Chocolate Love by Girls Generation.

Favorite T.V. Show:He doesn't really have time for tv.

Favorite Sport:Fly Hockey.

Favorite Book:Of Creeps and Heroes.

Favorite Movie:Heat Signature

Weapon:Vampire Powers and his Axe-Bass.

Birthday:Unknown,but he celebrates his on June 16th.

Theme Song:Devils Never Cry

Voice Actors:Donald Glover (2010-2011)  Dante Basco (2011-Present)



Unnamed Mom:Dame of Evil.

Love Interest:Lenora:Possible,Jadna:Ex-girl-friend



Rivals:Prince Cotton.

Enemies:Snow Queen.

Abilites:All of your vampire things.

Special Abilites:He can turn into a Giant,a Wolf,or a huge Bat.

Personality:Even though his mom is evil,he's not.

Likes:Adventure,Pranking Nina,and,Joining Lenora and Nina for adventures.

Dislikes:Garlic,the Sun,and,the thought of kissing Lenora.

Ability Type:Speed,Flight,and,Power.

Hair Color:Black.

Hair Style:Mainly short,though sometimes longer.

Fur Color:He's only half-echidna,so he doesn't have that much fur.

Eye Color:Black.

Height:He hasn't checked in years.

Weight:About 87 Lbs.

Appearence:He has a round tongue,and is usually seen floating.leaning backwards, back to the ground, and knees bent.


Super Forms:None.

Teams:Team Destiny with Lenora and Nina.

Number of Video Game Appearences:1.

Video Game Appearence:

Sonic and the Worlds:Vampire King(Friendly Boss).

Other Info:He resents his mom for drinking his lemonade,long story.And he has a gender-swapped version of his self:May.He doesn't like to drink blood,he prefers to drink the color red.


Matayo was only about 6 or 7 when the Pancake War happened.Later on when he was about 16 or 17 when a vampire bit him.The process of turning into a vampire was not as painful as he thought.Afterwards,he traveled around the Land of Eee just looking for adventure.After doing numerous things,he went home to discover 2 girls living in his old house:Lenora and Nina.

After kicking them out.He stayed at his house until he heard of a party at a cave.He flew around until he realized it was his own cave.So he decided to kick them out.But Lenora punched.Matayo was so impressed,he let them have their tree house back.Ever since he has been joining them on adventures every now and then.