Leifang the Panda Edit

Full Name:Leifang Urd Li.





Clothes:A bright red, sleeveless cheongsam with a gold phoenix design painted on the fabric, gold trimming, and green lining. Complete with matching waist guards, and gold high heels.

Favorite Food:Almond Tofu.

Favorite Color:Yellow.

Favorite Song:Dreamin by Sweet Female Attitude

Favorite T.V. Show:Hong Kong Phooey.

Favorite Sport:Football.

Favorite Book:Infinite Space

Favorite Movie:The Karate Kid.

Weapon:Her body.

Birthday:April 23rd.

Theme Song:Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Voice Actors:Zinnia Su (2002-2007) Cassandra Morris (2007-Present)

Seiyu:Yumi Tōma (2002-Present)



Love Interest:None.





Abilities:Martial Arts and Dancing,her art is Tai Chi Quan.

Martial Art:Tai Chi Quan.

Special Abilities:She can tie anyone up using only her mind.

Weaknesses:Boys,and,Bad Hair Days.

Personality:Spunky, intelligent and cheerful.Strong minded.Short Temper.

Likes:All in Abilities and Friends,plus Aroma Therapy.

Dislikes:All in Weaknesses and Eggman.

Ability Type:Power.

Hair Color:Dark brown

Hair Style:Two braids which are looped round and pinned on either side of her head.

Fur Color:Yellow-Tan.

Eye Color:Brown.

Height:1' 8"

Weight:50 Lbs.

Appearance:She has a slender and petite build, with heart-shaped face.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:She is very competitive,so she is always challenging strangers to fights.

Chao:Necklace,she white with pearl-grey eyes.

T'ai Chi QuanEdit Edit

T'ai Chi Quan (太極拳, Supreme Ultimate Fist), also known as Tai Ji Quan or Taikyoku-Ken,is a Chinese martial art that started in the Hubei Province in 12th century. Popularized in Japan and the United States as a form of physical exercise, its original intention was as a method for combat, as well as a health regime. Characterized by slow, fluid movements, T'ai Chi Quan possesses an underlying Taoist philosophy and conforms to the Taoist notion of naturalism.

The strength of the art is guided by chi, the energy of the body, and the breathing and curving of the physical body to instantaneously send a blow to the opponent. Since it doesn't really heavily on muscle power, it can be used even by the elderly to produce damaging blows.

The disadvantage however is that it takes a long time to master this art, due to the considerable emphasis on structure. The reason is that the proper chi energy cannot be obtained without the proper form and posture.