Kokoro the ShibaEditEdit

Full Name:Kokoro Autumn Duclis.





Clothes:Pink kimono with flower decorations on the sleeves and skirt. Includes a red collar of a maiko and an obi sash around the waist, okobo sandles and tabi socks.

Favorite Food:Anmitsu,and,Shiruko.

Favorite Color:Orange.

Favorite Song:Paparazzi by Girls Generation

Favorite T.V. Show:Vampires over Love.

Favorite Sport:She doesn't play sports.

Favorite Book:Infinite Space.

Favorite Movie:Hachi.

Weapon:Her fists and arms.

Birthday:December 1st.

Theme Song:My own:Hey Wait

Voice Actors:Kathryn Feller (1991-2006) Heather Hogan-Watson (2006-Present)

Seiyu:Ayako Kawasumi.



Minami: Mother.


Love Interest:None.




Enemies:Shadow and Eggman.

Abilities:Cooking,Dancing,Singing,Cleaning,Gardening,and,Martial Arts,her art:Ba Ji Quan.and,Juggling.

Martial Art:Ba Ji Quan.

Special Abilities:She can use her Martial Arts to to paralyze anyone.

Weaknesses:Losing,Pain,and, Enclosed spaces.

Personality:well-mannered and well-spoken but also delicate and soft in nature.Merciful and gentle.Short temper,more so when she feels people are being rude to her.

Likes:Piano,everything in abilities,and,fighting.

Dislikes:Everything in weaknesses,and,evil.

Ability Type:Power.

Hair Color:Black.

Hair Style:Waist-length hair worn loose with a small segment tied in a decoration up front on the left-hand side of her face

Fur Color:Pale White.

Eye Color:Monochrome gray.

Height:2' 0"


Appearance:Very feminine and youthful.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Sonic Parody:Lead for Parodies 1,4,and,10.

Other Info:She is really conscience about her looks,growing from a day in her childhood,she takes 45 minutes conscience every day when getting ready for the day,and she's a Marital Artist,she uses the art of Ba Ji Quan.

Chao:None,but is close to finding one that fits her.

Ba Ji QuanEditEdit

Ba Ji Quan (八極拳, Eight extremities fist), is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short range power and is famous for its elbow strikes. It originated in Hebei Province in Northern China. Practitioners are encouraged to learn techniques that are aimed to defeat opponents with a single strike, and low stances to develop strength in the legs. A feature of this art is the loud stomping action that is designed to scare opponents while at the same time developing the practitioner’s internal energy. Attacks are released at close range, using eight different parts of the body are used to deliver them: head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, buttocks, knees, and feet. Ba Ji Quan was once called Ba Zi Quan (巴子拳 or 鈀子拳; rake fist), due to the fact that when not striking, the fist was held loosely and slightly open, resembling a rake, and also because the art involved many downward strike moves, like a rake's movement in the field. The name was considered to be rather crude sounding however in its native tongue, so it was changed to Bajiquan.


1.She was going to be called Kelly the Fox,but was changed at last minute to increase the number of Japanese named characters.

2.She is going to make her Role-play debut soon.


3.She has yet to find a love interest.