Joey HawkinsEditEdit

Full Name:Joey Tai Hawkins.





Clothes:Red flannel shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

Favorite Food:Wontons.

Favorite Color:Yellow.

Favorite Song:Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera,Lil' Kim,Mya and Pink 

Favorite T.V. Show:Sonic Undeground.

Favorite Sports:Basketball, Soccer and Baseball.

Favorite Book:The enitre works of Mark Twain.

Favorite Movie:Thor.

Favorite Video Game:Animal Crossing:New Leaf.

Weapon:His mind.

Birthday:October 15.

Theme Song:Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City

Voice Actor:Eli Jay (2013)

Seiyu:Tasuku Hatanaka (2013)

Accent:A little squeaky.


Rebecca Hawkins:Mother.



Love Interest:None.


Friends:Light,Kim and Nails.

Rivals:Rick and Rose.


Abilities:Mechanical genius, singing, dancing and acting.

Special Abilities:He has inherited his mother's powers:He can use his' card powers as if they were is own.

Weaknesses:Enclosed spaces and Carrots

Personality:He's a lot more social than his mother. He is kind, caring, bubbly, exceitable. but also Short-tempered, pushy, naive and a little clueless.

Likes:Dueling, Beating people, Singing and school.

Dislikes:Bullies, Being called a kid and when people ignore him.

Ability Type:Support.

Hair Color:Pink.

Hair Style:Medium Perm.

Skin Color:Tan.

Eye Color:Yellow.

Height:6' 9"

Weight:101 Lbs.

Appearance:He has a slim nose and his hair is always adorned with colored beads.

Sexual Preference:Bi.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:He is half Human,Half Hawk,just like his mom. He has the wings and tail of a hawk,but the rest of him is human, including his arms. He's also a quarter Hedgehog, It shows with his hedgehog ears He is also the latest intercontinental Mobian Duel Champion:A title he won from his mom in a duel.



Joey has three decks;Hawk Eyes:which he got from his mom. Lucky Roll;A dekc based on luck. And,Mobian Peace;A deck he created that's based on Mobius. His main deck is Mobian Peace.