"One day, I will become a Freedom Fighter"



Ion the Hedgehog (true reboot)

Info Edit


  • prefers Ion

Full Name

  • Mike Alexander King


18 (Ion Chronicles) 20 (currently)


  • None


  • Classified


  • Classified

Fighting Style

  • Chi Chuo (made up)


  • his friends, fighting till the end


  • losing his battles, Evil in general, his friends getting hurt

Hero/Neutral/Villain Edit

he is a hero and will never give in to his foes

Backstory Edit

Ion was a normal Hedgehog, living in a good life style, until Ion, discovered his true abilities, he realized that he has atomic energy generating in side his body, after that he Became a Hero, Currently living in Mobius as a hero, he fights long and hard every day, in order to keep his home safe, he also discovered that he has super speed in his DNA, also able to sense other organic beings.

Personality Edit

Ion is a serious and dedicated Hedgehog, very focused fighter, But when not in combat, he is Calm and Kind.

Favorites Edit

Favorite Food: Celery with Peanut Butter

Favorite Color: Black, Red & White

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

Favorite Song: Cheat Codes By Nitro Fun

Favorite TV channel: FOX, FXM, FX.

Favorite Sport: Snowboarding

Favorite Book: None, he does not read books

Favorite Movie: Any movie with action

Sonic and the Black KnightEdit

Name: Sir Tristam

Title: Knight of the Atoms

Weapons: Solar Blade and Atom's Blade

-in the works-

Appearances Edit

Ion Chronicles (Comic Series)

Atomic Ion Edit

this is ion's transformation, after reaching full Power, he will glow a orange red color, this will allow him to turn into this form ion's appearance, is the same but his fur color is orange red, but this does not last a very long time as it only last for 3 hours tops but he can turn to normal at any time, he can be harmed if ion meets his match, for example, super sonic.

Trivia Edit

  • Ion is not as powerful as Knuckles but does pack a punch on his fighting style.
  • Ion's design is based off of his old Sonic Riders Design.

Relationships Edit

  • Phoebe the Rabbit - ex
  • Apricot the Hyena - current

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