Full Name: Haley Cherryl Barnipus

File:Hayley =).jpg

Fur Color:Black

Eye Color:Grey(although depending on her mood the appearence of her eye color changes)


Hair Length:Short(its actually long like her mother and her sisters, but she cuts it because she claims she wants her own identity.)



Hayley wasn't always a fighter. As a child she was neglected and riduculed by her older siblings. She didnt enjoy the prospect of fighting at all. She was shy, and didnt associate with others as much as her parents would have liked her too. At the age of eleven she was pushed down the stairs at school, by a popular bully. The bully(Cassandra) was somewhat angry with hayley for reasons unknown.She was often tormented and made fun of, The others kids luaghed at her, pulled her ears, and were so cruel.

Well,that day cassandra didnt expect young Hayley, to get up from her crippled position from the bottom of the stairs and chase after her and beat the hell out of her. She was assigned 4 days of suspension but, to hayley it was worth it. She was no longer teased or messed with. From that day foreword she vowed that she would stop anyone, who did injustice.

Combat ProfiencyEdit

Hayley, despite her young age s actually the best of Red and Faith's children, at combat. Surpassing her brother and sister skills, in every which way possibe. Just becuase she wanted to be different she made nunchucks her signature weapon instead of swords or guns.


Nunchucks( for the third time =P)


She inherited her father fire powers, but her super-speed is limited .She can sprint for awhile but long distance running makes her tired. She has better senses and agility than sapphire(which cuases tension between the two of them. Being highley developed for her age some people think Hayley is the older sister =P) Also an exce


Being how she is and wanting to always remain different from her brohter and her sister, she doesnt joke around much, and is always on task. She isnt easily distracted, and only her closest friends can get her to open up.(you'll find out soon enough)

Also an excellent memory.


(Only a few)



Blaze the cat(she despises blaze becuase she has heard about her mother's hatred towards the lavender cat. She also beleives that blaze is trying to break Red and Faith up)