Fulo the CatEditEdit

Full Name:Fulo Kugimiya Yagami.Edit


Fulo the Cat





Clothes:School uniform;in school. Brown sleeveless blouse with zipper in the middle,brown short pants and orange sandals;not in school.

Favorite Food:Pizza.

Favorite Color:Brown.

Favorite Song:Want U Back by Cher Lloyd

Favorite T.V. Show:Hellcats.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:The big book of Lists.

Favorite Movie:DOA; Dead or Alive.

Favorite Video Game:Dead or Alive.


Birthday:June 15.

Theme Song:One of my own:Cheer Cheer Baby.

Voice Actress:Mary Morgan (2013)

Seiyu:Naomi Shindō (2013)

Accent:Valley Girl,but only slightly.


Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (partner)

Friends:Her class,Anja,Hannah and Destiny.



Abilities:Cheer-leading and acrobatics.

Special Abilities:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Fulo can turn into one of three forms.


Suka:Black Panther.

Cosplay:She is dressed like a gang member  complete with a giant ball and chain on her leg and an immense wooden mallet as her weapons. The ball and chain can cause earthquakes and the mallet can knock out anything with one hit.

Armor: She is dressed in her school uniform with a yo-yo as her weapon,she also wears a metal gauntlet glove and a metallic headband under her hair. She uses the yo-yo to tie up someone and then trip them.

Weaknesses:Plastic and bad hair days.

Personality: Serious and mother-like.

Likes:Cheer-leading and shopping,but also like hanging out with friends and going to school.

Dislikes:Evil,when people are rude to her and when her friends get into trouble.

Ability Type:Suka:Agility: Cosplay:Support. Armor:Support.

Hair Color:Pale purple.

Hair Style:Short.

Fur Color:Ivory.

Eye Color:Grey.

Height:5' 9"


Appearance:She has a tattoo on her neck in the shape of a heart,which she got with permission from her teachers.Since tattoos are against school rules.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:She is currently studying to be a teacher,though she gets distracted by her friend's endeavors.  She also has a genderbent version of herself:Fugi.[2]

Genderbent Fulo:Fugi