This is a fusion Type caused by two mobians with any type of energy can fuse into one super being

note: if You want you character to have a Energy Fusion, your character must have a type of energy (ex. Atomic, chaos, Etc.) and you must ask permission.

Energy Fusion Users Edit

Current TimeEdit


Ion the Hedgehog

Gavin the Mongoose

Otega The Hedgehog


(none yet)



Ion the Hedgehog

Stark the Mongoose/Fox

Gavin the Mongoose

Shadomic the Hedgehog/Hyena

Otega the Hedgehog


Amion the Hedgehog/Hyena

Cultina the Mongoose/Fox

Stages of Energy Fusion Edit

Normal - Basic

Alpha - Light

Delta - Dual

Omega - Dark

Beta - Ultimate

Boom Universe Only Edit

Sigma - Burstfire

Fusion Names Edit

Males Edit

Crisis the Hedgehog/Mongoose

Avacure the Hedgehog/Mongoose

Fury the Hedgehog

Finn the Hybrid

Females Edit

Christian the Hybrid

(more coming soon)

Gallery Edit