Full Name:Emily Marriana Barnipus
File:256px-Fire and emily.png

Age:17(If I make Time Crisis 3 1/2, she'll be....23)

Species: Cat

Alias: Lily, Marriana, Princess Emily.


Ability Type: Speed and Power

Love Interest: Knuckles the echidna



Accent:American/Although she has a hint of British in her tone

Family:Red(Younger Brother) Fire(duaghter), Faith(Sister-in-law)


Airomia was a planet closely joined with Cryteria. The two planets oftened traded goods and other small things. Airomia was far more advanced with technology advanced than Cryteria. Airomia had come up with, guns, blaster, bombs, everything you could think of. Queen Shiba the ruler of Cryterian had a little "relationship" going on with the King of Airomia: King Connor Ferguson. Or at least that's what the rumor was.Shiba's advisor Henery(who wanted to be King) didn't approve of the idea at all. He pleaded that the Airomians would become too strong and rebel against Cryteria.Henery was completly pissed that Shiba would not take his accusations seriously. Which is why he led the rebellion and started the war. He managed to destroy Airomia, and Cryteria. Shiba however did admit to having a relationship with King Feguson. She revealed to her people that she was pregenant. Henery's devious mind told him to wait seventeen long years to gather up a enough people to start a war. Emily and Red were seperated during their departure to Mobius. A cosmic rift wave was dispersed from the heart of Cryteria which re-inverted their physical timelines. When she reached the age 14 she became a G.U.N flie organizer, managing files and handling some? of the agent's paperworks and contracts.

How she met Knuckles:Edit