"Come on, Shad. We're like family."  Christian to Shadow

Nick name: Chris, Jay. Wolfy.

Age: Around 20

Species: Wolf

Gender: Male

BrithPlace: Soleanna

Current Residence: Mobotroplis

Alignment: Good

Personality: Fun, Nice Sly.

Likes: Fighting, Shopping, Family, Friends, Hunting Emeralds

Dislikes: Seeing his Family/Friends in pain, Eggman,.

Job: Boxer

Power: Ice Powers

Anti-Darkness the fox


Hair type: neat and clean 

Fur Color: Black

Attire: ,Grey shirt, Blue jeans, blue gloves, Black and blue sneakers, with black and grey blet.

Eye color: Brown

Family: Edit

Mother: unknown 

Father: Lonnie 

Sister(s):Aaliyah the hedgehog

Brother(s): Shadow  Adam The Hedgehog

Wife: Aayniah The hedgehog

Children:Alex the Cat Desire the Hedgehog


Christian is the adopted son of Lonnie the hedgehog. He never knew his mother and his father was very poor.Later on in life he found out that Lonnie wasn't his real father and he was made in a lab. He was by Professor Gerald Robtnik. He was made two years before shadow  but Professor Robotnik made a mistake and sent him to earth, were lonnie found him and took him in. Christian,Confused by this, ran away. Later in his life he meet Aayniah and fell in love with her. He married her and had two children. After that he met sonic and began helping him save the world from Dr.Eggman. Than he met his (Kinda)Brother, Shadow. Ever since then Shadow has been living with Christian and his family.


Love Interest: Aayniah The Hegdehog 

Friends: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Adam, Aaliyah. 

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Rivals: Doctor Eggman

Theme song(S): Get on your knees (Age against the machine)

Team: Team STAR (Aayniah, Christian, Adam, and Punk)

Team Theme: Cult of Personality(Living Colour)