ok, my xbox does not spport Java so here is advice

if i cant get on wiki chat its more likely i am on Chatzy, so due to snow and not being in school here is some, and on my xbox (not computer) i will not be on chat for a while today as of febuary 24 untill when ever i get on, so please have patiance and with till i am on chat.

For chat rules on chatzy Edit

chat rules on chatzy applies the same on this wiki, but some tweaks, but still user frendly

  1. private messages must be sent to my massage wall, and point it to me so i can rp or chat with you in private (make sure its chatzy)
  2. if you are unsure on when i am on my xbox, just ask me, dont go to any other admin or chat mod because they most likely dont know.
  3. ok this is crucial, in chatzy when otehr people are on that chat, no adult RP-ing, do that in private becasue of younger users on the wiki might be offened.

last thing Edit

be for i conclude this Info page, this is not a blog, its admin pages for users to know when i am not on my computer and unable to get on chat.

thanks for your coopration and sorry for the inconvenience.