Rules for the chat room ALL OF THESE MUST BE FOLLOWED

The Rules Edit

1: no spam

2: no insults

3: not too much cursing, but not the 2 forbidden words, nigger and cunt

4(biggie): no backtalking admins or chatmods, even the founder

5:(biggie): do not make fun or cyberbully anyone

6: no sexual content, not anymore, because of something happening on the SFCW

7: racist jokes are not allowed

8:  No cross wiki drama

9:  do not tell someone to PM him/her constantly or is PMed all ready, they will know when they are PMed

10: respect the admins and founder and fellow friends in chat.

11: Sexist jokes are banned (because we don't want someone getting triggered)

12: No mentioning of any historical event that involved racism (because,who does that?)

(still under construction)

Strikes and Consequences Edit

strike 1: warning

strike 2: kick

strike 3: ban for 1 day

if you break one of the biggies, you will be banned for 2 hours, keep that in mind.