Chachi the AndroidEditEdit

Full Name:Chachi Karakuri Manokit.




Alignment:Neutral,though tends to lean towards good.

Clothes:School uniform:in and out of school.

Favorite Food:Noodles.

Favorite Color:She doesnt have one.

Favorite Song:Digimon Fusion theme song

Favorite T.V. Show:How it's Made.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball.

Favorite Book:The adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Favorite Movie:Oliver Twist.

Favorite Video Game:Portal 2.


Birthday:July 24.

Theme Song:Part of your World by Traci Hines

Voice Actress:Caitlin Glass (2013)

Seiyu:Akeno Watanabe (2013)

Accent:Slight robotic.




Love Interest:Blake.


Friends:Her master and Morpheus.

Rivals:Chi and Onychinus.

Enemies:Nara and Kannada.

Abilities:flight,hand to hand combat,interaction with computers from the inside and she can turn her arms into swords or guns.

Special Abilities:Thanks to a rather surpsinging contract with Blake,Chachi can turn into one of three forms.


Cosplay:Wears a full suited engineering outfit surrounded by gears. She carries a doll version of Saki as her weapon, the doll can immoblize enemies by kissing.

Armor:She wears a maid-like outfit with a sword latched on a gauntlet on her right wrist.

Weaknesses:Plastic,fire and dirt.

Personality:She is quiet,only mtaking whe her master tells her to or when she feels she needs to.

Likes:Blake,her master and espionage.

Dislikes:Thins that will destroy her such as fire,also she hates the goody goody Layla.

Ability Type:Suka:Agility: Cosplay:Support Armor;Power, non-form:Flight

Hair Color:Light green.

Hair Style:Long and loose.

Skin Color:plae white.

Eye Color:Crystal blue.

Height:6' 1"


Appearance:Being a robot,her joints all show the  bolts that hold her together and she her ears look like devil horns,but a lot less creepy.

Sexual Preference:Unknow, presumbly straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Video Game Appearance:

Chachi and the Underworld:Man character and female progtanist.

Other Info:She was created by Saki W.C Florida and Nagisa as a body guard and servent for Saki.