CeCe the EchidnaEditEdit

Real Name: Cecilia.

Full Name: Cecilia Joy Karet.

Sex: Female.

Species: Echidna/Hedgehog/Bat/Mobian.

Age: 14.

Alignment: Good.

Clothes: A lot, but they all have 1 thing in common: tomboy with a flair of fashion.

Favorite Food: Meatloaf.

Favorite Color: Red, it matches her attitude.

Favorite Song: Rainy Day by Janel Parrish

Favorite T.V. Show: Bratz(2005-2007).

Favorite Sport: Does dancing count?

Weapons: Oddly, her dance moves.

Birthday:January 8th.

Theme Song: Bratitude by the Bratz

Voice Actresses: P-Star (2007-2010).Olivia Olson (2010-Present).

Accent: American with a small hint of Spanish.


Flynn: Brother.

Jena: Mom (Dead).

Marcus: Dad.

Knuckles: Grand-Father.

Rouge: Grand-Mother.

Bridgit: Aunt.

Love Interest: Too many, such as Drew ,Speed and Sonic to name 3.

Relationship: None, she's still in the daydream stage.

Friends: Rocky, Amy, SerenityFelvin and Racquett

Rivals: Marissa and Mara.

Enemies: Eggman.

Abilities: Dancing and Creating Clothes.

Special Abilities: Confusing others.

Personality: She's constantly getting herself and Rocky into trouble. She's the diva of the two and she's a little bit of a tomboy, but still loves fashion.

Likes: Dancing, Partying, Making Memories and Learning new dance moves.

Dislikes: School, Getting grounded and being bullied.

Ability Type: Power.

Hair Color: Auburn.

Hair Style: Depends on her mood.

Skin Color: Tan.

Eye Color: Brown.

Height: 104 Cm.

Weight: She doesn't like talking about it.

Appearance: She has 1 tail, and her eyelashes are thin.

Sexuality: Straight.

Super Forms: None.

Teams: None.

Number of Video Game Appearances: 1.

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic Dance: (1st Play-Able Character, besides Rocky).

Other Info: She has dyslexia,and she wishes to be the best dancer ever. Plus she's on Dance Now Mobius with Rocky.

Chao: Glitter, she's blue with stellar green eyes.