"If you don't love yourself, You can't live life." Deaven to Adam


File:Untitled (1).png
name Blui Copeland Rosabelle-Bellarosa
Gender Female
Birthday 9/23
Age 39
height 3'0
Weight 130
Eyes red
Clan Upier
  • Dhamphire


location crystal islands
Powers / Skills
  • fighting
  • martial arts
  • Good (Even though She acts bad at times)
Relationships Paul bellarose (husband)

~fighting ~Shopping


~Hunting Emeralds


~Cold hearted (At times) ~Gangsta ~Fun ~Nice


~Losing ~Seeing her FamilLosingnds in pain,

Family ~Anjelique Nikita Bellarosa (Grandaughter)
Aaliyah Jeanne Rosabelle-Bellarosa ( daughter)
Christina Bellarosa (son)
Adam Bellarosa (son)

Desire Bellarosa (granddaughter)
Berry the hegdehog (Anti counterpart)
Alex the Cat (Grandson)




Blui was born in soleanna she lived most of her youth being caught-up in wars, making her seek for a daily "peace". At a young age she was a kid people had pick on her calling her name which she hated it cost her to have a an aggressive side to her personality at some point she begins to become independent of herself became strong and never back down against the word As she begin to turn into a teenager she got kidnapped by the people who wants revenge on her however she was stopped by Eliott The Fox who was one of her friends order them to let her go.After rescuing her, he informed her that he had always admired her that she was a strong independent woman admit it that she was one of the females that never back down Blui never had anybody tell her that before after that she fell deeply in love with him because of his kindness years later she marry him, As she grew up


Blui is Very Gangsta, Fun,and Nice just ask any one! She gets these traits from everyone she's ever met in her whole life.

Old Extra and InformationEdit

  • Love Interest: None
  • Rivals: Eggman.
  • Theme song(S): Indenpent Woman (Destiny's Child)
  • Team: None


Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Movie: "Good as dead" Favorite Tv Show: "Bad Girls Club" Favorite Hobby: Painting with the grandkids. Team Theme: None

Family & FriendsEdit

Mother: Peona

Father: Unknown

Sister(s): none

Brother(s): Rance, Travis

Husband: none

GrandMother: Shirley

Cousins: Zoe

Children: Aayniah The hedgehog Aaliyah The hedgehog Adam The Hegdehog

Grand Children:Alex the Cat Desire the Hedgehog

Friends: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, John, Tails, Knuckles, Punk.

Short SummaryEdit

Name: Deaven Lashawn Smith

Nick name: Blui

Age: 39

Species: Hedgehog/Mobian

Gender: Female

Height: 3 Feet

Weight: Unknown

Date of Birth: 9/23

BirthPlace: Soleanna

Current Residence: Unknown

Alignment: Good (Even though She acts bad at times)

Personality: Cold hearted(At times), Gangsta, Fun, Nice.

Likes: Fighting, Shopping, Family, Hunting Emeralds

Dislikes: Losing, Seeing her Family/Friends in pain, Eggman,

Job: Singer

Power: Chaos Power

Abilities: Singing, Chaos Control

Anti: Berry the hegdehog


Hair type: Wild and Messy

Fur Color: Blue

Attire: Red dress, Grey gloves, Black Boots

Eye color: Blue

Make up: Black lip stick


Deaven is the mother of three and always been. she never had any one to help her. She has always been a loner and has never told her kids who their real father was nor has she told them her real story. Deaven was placed in a adoption home at the age of two and stayed there until she was 18 years old. Even then she was unhappy with her life. When she had her kids that changed everything thing. She because a great mother.