Short SummaryEdit

Full Name: Berry Deaven Thims

Nick Name:Anti-Blui

Age: 39

Sex: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Eye Color: Blue

Family: Anti-Aayniah, Anti-Adam, Anti-Aaliyah, Anti-Christian, Anti-Desire, Anti-Alex

Friends: Anti-Sonic, Anti-Tails, Anti-Punk

Rivals: Devan, Sonic, Aayniah, Punk, Adam, Aaliyah

Birthplace: Anti-Soleanna

Crush: Anti-Robotnik.

Alignment: Evil

Personality: Evil, Mean, Crazed

Likes:  Winng, Seeing her Family/Friends in pain, Dr.Kintobor

Dislikes: Fun, People being happy, Puppies

Compared to her counterpartEdit

Berry is meaner than Blui is all ways. She doesn't even like her own children. Also unlike Blui she likes Kintobor(Anti-Robotnik) And has a huge crush on him. Clearly the hate that Blui has for Robotnik has transformed into the love that Berry has for Kintobor.

Family IssusesEdit

Berry is said to hate of her two of her children. She as a child was force to have children with a man she didn;t know, so she forced this apond her own kids. Andy was gay and a man, so Berry hated him for not feeling the pain. Liyah refused and bit any man she was set up with, so Berry hated her as well. Aayniah was the only one she could get to feel the pain. Niah married Jon and Than Berry broke them up so she could remarry Chris. Niah had two girl, and Berry will do the same to them with Niah's help.


Berry has a messed up mind. She thinks it very funny to see the one she loves get harmed. She likes kicking puppies down the steps, And she loves being in pain herself.


Berry is Blui's evil counter part. She is everything blui hates. She and blui have pretty much the same back story but she was beaten and Raped more than once. This caused Berry to become evil and crazy. She has three kids, two grandkids, and a son in law.


"Shut up and do It!"

"Don't Question me, Boy!"` 

"I hate you!"

"Forget it, I'll do it myself!"