"human emotions will only make you weak it will only slow you down and when's your surrounded by emotions you're starts to become normal after you lose all your emotions you lose your mind and become insanity"
―Azumi speaking to Dr. Eggman .
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Nikki new look by insanitybloodrose-d81hoci
  • ~Naomi Miyuki Haniko
  • ~Anjelique Nikita Haniko (still love that name)
  • ~Azumi (Negative Counterpart)
  • ~Nikki
Gender Female
  • ~16 Years Old (Physically)
height ~3'0
Weight ~130
Clan ~Upier
  • ~((vampire))
  • ~Mobius (staying in Sonics timeline)
Hair ~ pink
Eyes: ~Red
Fur: ~ pink
Skin: ~Fair
Height: ~3'0" (91.44)
Weight: ~68lbs
Occupation ~
Weapons ~
Powers / Skills
  • ~
  • ~Evil (formerly Good)
  • ~( later Neutral)
Relationships (Crush On) Sonic
Friends Amy Rose (Friend)
Knuckles the Echina
Fiona Fox ( Best Friend)
Scourge The Hedgehog
Sergeant Simian


Enemies Rosy the Rascal

Dr Eggman ( Sometimes)
Flying Frog (give her insults)


~Sonic ~Her teammates ~ Japanese food


~Flying frog

Family ~Maximillion "Max" Bellarosa (Father)

~Aaliyah Haniko (Mother)
~Paul Rosabel (Grandfather)
Christina Bellarosa (Uncle)
~Adam Bellarosa (Uncle)
~Desire Bellarosa (cousin)
~Blui (Grandmother)
~Alex the Cat (Cousin)

Timelines Counterparts

Azumi ( Evil future Counterpart)
Miyuki (original Past Counterpart)
Nikki (Sonic Boom Counterpart)
Miyuki (video game Counterpart)

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experiment 52 aka azumi is the alter ego/half and the twin sister of Nikita kuroki who caught herself under the alliances the demon itself and is the psychopath henchmen girlfriend of Scourge and what do everything in her power to make her pudding happy and is ashi original self.



Just like her other half beautiful face hides her massive strength. both of them are beautiful and have strong personalities (according to her anger when Sally insulted her calling her a psychopath and Dr eggman call her a demon child she show to be very violent and dangerous however wears a Gothic similar outfit like Harley Quinn in some ways.

she takes a quite joyment of killing and does not care about anyone she is completely Alot like Hamaveck the Hateful where both of them are evil and don't take no responsibility for their actions and is complete similar to Fallen Hana from me!me!me! and is completely similar to Rosy the Rascal and Dark Sonic but she more similar to Sachiko Shinozaki from corpse party.however it shows she don't show any romantic feelings to sonic or she does but at the end the girl give in evil as in her case she went into insanity at the end.


Wild as her first appearances she wears a Gothic outfit with a red jacket with yellow squares on it she wears a Gothic black top and black shorts with red shoes.

Her second appearances she wears a biker girl outfit with red cut out pants on the left side and black boots and a black shirt with red stripes on it.

And her last appearances she was a red and pink Jester outfit (like harley quinn) and wears a yellow necklace with pudding signal on it and wear a red pink and white Jaster shoes.



before meeting Nikita she was created in the laboratory by doctor John who wanted to create the perfect machine of his creation however many of his Creations became imperfect or some of them have failed to be perfect (not dead) however his last creation became a perfect creation and call her experiment 52 and begin to run some tests to make sure this one did not fail.

however experiment 52 despise of her creater of trying to control her to be his perfect creation experiment 52 attack her Creator and left the laboratory he used some of his Creations to find experiment 52 but became unsuccessful of finding her experiment 52 became a weak stage of moving as using the bit of her strength to find a host which she landed in Nikita home and look at Nikita and began to touch her hand to feel what it's like to be real however she waited for the right moment for the girl to call for her help.

Meeting NikitaEdit

During birth of Nikita Azumi who originally came into being as an alternate personality that appeared thru Nikita mind which no one didn't recognizer her as Nikita grow up she begin to created the personality for herself and which calls herself azumi but however her mother begin to worry about Nikita haveing fun with an so call imaginary friend for a long time for awhile and give azumi a sister necklace to tell her that she will always be there by her side but soon saldy Nikita begins to become too attached of the alter ego as Nikita begin to become more angry aggressive and frustration with people hurting her azumi begins to possess her and took completely temporary full control over her body and begin stab people but soon Nikita does not remember any events which it shows that she gave all those negative emotions directly tours azumi.

but as one day while she came home and watch her family fighting some bad people but when she was trying to warn her mom she was killed in front of her suffered the loss of her mother when she was 8, driving her mad and with hate was completed to Azumi existent who forced the girl to go completely insane and embodied Nikita with rage, hatred and sadistic malice but over time, after azumi took over the girl's body sadly temporary she gave in the dark side to her other half personality and Cost her to become a malicious homicidal psychotic maniac person she is now and much more. Nikita began to lose all her emotions of love happiness which at the end result of hate and rage and hatred of things and cost her to become azumi and simply focused on the sadistic things like torture lives. While in nikita body as azumi took complete over her body, she never had the ability to feel loved again.

After everything went down the hill which immediately destroyed her her happiness and hold a grudge against the world for way too long after absorb by hatred and negativity for so long in poor Nikita case she she lost completely control of herself And Went completely insane. After went on a kill rampage, Keiichi tried to clam Nikki down but realize that his daughter is no longer the happiness child he love and comfor as Nikita/Azumi proceeded to run away from her home and went into A homicide insanity.

After spending the best and worst years of her childhood Of losing her mother and as she grow up older people call her insanity as she fight with people who insulted her deceased mother she begins to lose more control of her as azumi begin to attack innocent people for her own pleasure andkidnapping them and Killing innocent people and fighting sonic friends azumi was Captured by Eggman, as azumi furiously tried to break free but her psychosis insanity side re-emerging once again.

Falling back into her insanity again he witnessed and noticed that she went completely beserk and ballistic. he becomes very impressed which the two of them begins to work together but in poor Eggman's case he doesn't know what he's been messing with which he realized he's been working with the devil Child while azumi who was still in control continue with her evilness which shows azumi love doing it and don't show no guilty of it

as one night while she was coming home she was ambushed and attacked by an unknown male person which results of her beating him half to death ask Nikita took control of her body she ran away to her room and regret what she did before she could say anything her evil side took complete control of her body and telling her that he deserved it for trying to hurt her she begins to laugh homicidal and lost her mind.

The First AttackEdit

As azumi becomes more and more insane as she grows up her and Dr Eggman begins to work together trying to find a way to destroy Sonic but however Sonic was nowhere to be found back at the laboratory as azumi looking at some glasses bottles while looking at Dr Eggman's blueprints as he grown angry with her and tells her not to mess with none of his information azumi tells him she don't take order's from him

he threatens azumi with words as she begin to look for a dangerous weapon to use as he continue to threatened them more saying that he could easily destroy them azumi however easily got under Eggman skin by pissing him off by knocking down his bottles he threatens to Kill her but she grab a pair of scissors and stab him by the neck insane and violent.

he realized that she has completely changed notice that the girl has lost completely control of herself and her mind and went into more insanity killing the doctor before he dies he tell her The more she stays in that form the more darkness in her heart will become but She don't really care about the threaten Eggman told her and kill him she noticed it was another vampire exactly like her however she thought that thing was pretty cute and wasn't mean no harm she destroy Eggman's laboratory and celebrate her freedom as she go on her murder rampage but however eggman minions find the hurt Dr and restore him back to health as he realized he made a terrible mistake by working with her realize he call her by the nickname demon child.

Destroyer Of The InnocentEdit

After years of torment and torture and killing innocent people she got herself into a whole lot of trouble while she still took over nikitah body and mind she how ever bump into Scourge Sonic's evil (dimensional counterpart) as he was impressed with her since she didn't trust any people she grabbed the gun and threatened to kill him and ask him and give her one good explanation why should she spare his life evil sonic aka scourge calls her babes he'll be more likely to help her however decided become impressed she spare his life but still did not trust him as together they destroy anyone who got in there way.

as weeks went by Scourge begins to tell her a story about when he was younger and everything however she begins to listen to his story as become interest in its as sourage tells her that he wanted to show people what he was made of however he begins to make her laugh and tell her funny jokes and begin to become pity to him want she begins to become more pity and trusted him more often she grew completely entrusted and felt hopefully madly in love with him he tells her that which he got into a relationship with Fiona Fox Like his counterpart did as well but however he and fiona broke up when sonic has returned but finds out that the world has been destructed.

recently she attacks Sonic the Hedgehog which was not afraid to kill him by his innocence's until she noticed that she spared his life which she decided to keep him as a pet for her enjoyment she attacked the freedom fighters killing and hurting them one by one Sally Acorn notice that she is holding sonic hostes and against his own will she tries to attack her sonic warn Sally it's not the best move To attack she punch her so hard Sally begin to loss blood automatically she tells Sally if she wants to be alive stay out of her way nikitah father kenichi was not approve of his daughter violent and heartless behavior he tries to stop his daughter for doing more harm things.

she tells him in anger that she doesn't need his help notice that he lost the daughter that he Onces love has now turn into a complete monster but he knows that she may have some of humanity which she didn't want to hurt her father and loseing her mother. after continue her destructed behavior she noticed that a portal in her heart can turn the world from happiness to darkness when she noticed that Eggman somehow had survived the attack. Which they notice that he was hurt pretty bad pointed the fingers at her that azumi was nothing but an evil child realize that she nothing but the devil child.

she began to laugh insanity at his pain enjoying the marks that she gave him which he tells her that she needs to be kill. She laugh at Dr eggman in a crazy psycho way telling him do he want to be hurt by her more and try to attack the psychopath chick but was stab by her claws hand ( lucky it wasn't it heart).

Dr eggman began to blood very bad he asked the psychotic psychopath child why would she wants to kill an innocent human she tells them in her sick heartless way which was a form of payback Dr Eggman asked her why was it for payback she tells them it was for killing her mother in front of her when she was a child. however she grabbed a pair of scissors attacking the doctor and stab him in the eye.

Dr Eggman begins to bleed in his eye calling her a psychopath simple b***h asking her why do she wants to make people suffer so much she tells them that was for killing her happiness telling them that human emotions will only make you weak it will only slow you down and when's your surrounded by emotions you're starts to become normal after you lose all your emotions you lose your mind and become insanity.

Dr Eggman told her it still wasn't right for her to kill innocent people telling her they deserve to live as well however she laughed at him for his stupidity telling them they deserve to be killed and died Sally insulted her call her a simple b***h and crazy azumi snap into physical rage telling her not to call her crazy however Sally begin to call her a simple b***h again however azumi grabbed a pair of scissors and stab Sally in the stomach. As Sally begin to cry sonic beg azumi to stop which she left the scissors go and let her live for a little while.

Shadow come in and find out that azumi was the one who destroy city after city call her crazy and selfish she admits to him she was the one who destroyed alot of innocent people slaughter and laughing at there precious life shadow calls her a selfish b**ch and telling her taking innocent people from there life is wrong scourge was very please with this and as she grab shadow and punch him to the stomach that caused him to spit out blood however her and evil Sonic Escape come up with their plans.

Seperation Edit

After nikitah who watch azumi hurt innocent people have made her sick into her stomach which could no longer take this pain of suffering which however nikitah biggest throat up which the results of spitting out her duplicate from her body and became free and separated the two girls from each other which she hated azumi from turning her into a evil homicidal psychopath which azumi says she hated nikki and tell her why she created her in the first place as the form begins to molecules into a husky and begins to transform after the transformation was completed the duplicate husky looked at very resemblance to Nikita.

As to duplicate husky begins to smile crazy and laugh completely insane she begins to approach to evil Sonic sniffing him and begins to flirt with him tell suggested that the Clone cannot function like them however she begins to talk to him and telling everyone that she can speak they're all become completely shocked that the Clone can talk she begins to talk to evil Sonic by calling him puddin ask the two of them work together to attack everybody however scourge tell his new henchmen girlfriend that they have their fun that it was time for them to go as he summon the wrap rings As she blows a kiss to everyone saying it was fun while it lasted and goes with him.


File:Demon azumi.jpeg
File:Effect 20160308 131924.jpg

Befor turning psychotic demon ashi had a norman live mother has been however she was kiddnap by doctor john who was possessed by Trigon and turn her into one of his experiments however she despised of him of turning her into something else and escaped from his laboratory as rename it to experiment 52 aka azumi who is Nikita's other half and ashi truth self as the girl wanted to create another personality for herself however nikita mother was really concerned about the child having an imaginary friend aka azumi as shows to become Angry and frustration which Nikita gave all her negative emotions directly towards azumi when ever she turns into her.

however the insanity turn into worse when Nikita became bully by other People who who insulted her by calling her weak and useless Azumi who was angry by the people who hurt nikita starts take over her host body to teach them a lesson while nikita went to sleep and will wake up by not remember anything during The Possession.

but after Nikita mother who was assassinated right in front of her azumi had take over nikita to help her kill The Intruders but let Nikita fight and kill them also was forced to go into insanely madhouse and promised her that everything will fall into her Darkness dreams as Nikita gave into her own dark side while azumi turn nikita into a homicidal, sadistic, child like psychopath murderous monster, who would use sexuality and her playful personality to acchieve her goals or to entertain herself, usually harming others in the process.

As ten years when by After being created her azumi personality shows to become very childish rage and anger and very inpatient as Akilah lives with overwhelming trauma that has driven her more into insanely and evil which the girl lost completely control of her emotions and eventually become stricken with her dark personality, and negative emotions were locked in place, making her colder and more distant.

At some point while Akilah who have fully controlled of the girl while nikita was asleep for 10 years who broke down with reality of Schizophrenia Which she began to struggle with delusions and false beliefs which cost her to kill and tortured people and killing the innocent people who did not truly did not deserved it after a few years as she grows up as Nikita's other half and demonic evil personality azumi became cold cruel and heartless spend years of vengeance which shows it was sort of fun to her watching people be killed and slaughter as payback. It sadly Shows that nikki future went completely bad and horrible wrong.

Despise of her evil ways and negative behavior she seems to be shown having a childish personality just like Sachiko Shinozaki like to laugh at people pain and only pretend to be their friends just to kill them after words As azumi don't see to care for them but however she doesn't like to be insulted when shadow call her a simple bitch or take no insult from any when someone insulted Nikita dead deceased mother she however becomes very violent and dangerous to people around her and would heartless violently stab them since Nikita/azumi has become as one azumi is mean curled and heartless who act like scourge in someways but became more dangerous.

Despite of her violent personality she shows romantic interest in Scourge the evil version of Sonic which prefer evil in her case.



File:Azumi and her twin sister.jpeg

Azumi and Nikita relationship is ambition and sometimes love/hate thru the sisters with their relationship is like mileena and kitana however Azumi Felt pity for the girl who was physical bullying and wanted to help her Nikita however created her thru anger and frustration which she was force to lost control for ten years of her body but after Nikita And azumi have both separate she still care about azumi as much azumi hate her but still love her twin sister.



While took control of her good half azumi became completely interest in evil Sonic which however scourge didn't know and thought that she was nikita the whole entire time while became completely more interesting her as azumi fell completely in love with scourge which that the two work together for many months by now however Tails who use his device to separate the two girls from each other was not completely as one anymore however scourge who broke up with Fiona his girlfriend 4 became completely abusive to her which scourge became sexual attracted to the pink demon which completely introduced herself to him as azumi which confess their feelings to each other they became official.

Ashi ( original self)Edit

Ashi is azumi original self When the both of them was together as one they became curious and innocent after being kidnapped by Dr. John who was possessed by the Darkness and turn Ashi into insane psychopath aka experiment 52 ( as Ashi rename her name Azumi) ask Azumi Ashi lost all her memories of her former self and doesn’t remember who she is who was drove by rage and anger ashi/Azumi Completely escape from dr John’s laboratory and sadly lost her body figure in the process however she needed to find another female to rebuild her body form again which was Nikita.

Her and Azumi had completely pity Nikita who was physically bullied by other people the both of them have promised to protect the nikita that at all costs but unfortunately the terrible Price Begins to play as Ashi evil persona becomes more and more in sane coating Nikita to lash out on everyone including biting Sam and hit Carly with a baseball bat which made Nikita angry and insanely after her mother Was killed and assassinated ( in the original timeline) Ashi tried to stop Azumi and Nikita from going into sanity but unfortunately Azumi may or may not have help Nikita that killed the assassinations unfortunately Ashi evil side had eventually made Nikita join her which cause the girl to sleep for 10 years in Her own subconscious

Ashi immediately but sometimes despise her evil person but still feel pity for her because of her existence the way that she was kidnapped.

Pics of azumiEdit

old picsEdit

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Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • possession
  • Claws


  • Azumi is inspired by Harley Quinn which however the both of them fell in love with scourge/joker however since she fell in love with him directly and accept him as his evil sour taste.
  • Azumi last outfit is very much of Harley Quinn's outfit from Suicide Squad
  • Azumi is inspired by Rosy the rascal since both of them are insane and evil but however the difference between her and Rosy that scourge cannot stand her and ran away from her when she tried to use the rings to make herself look older so he would notices her but sadly temporary it may her went completely insane.
  • Azumi and Mileena very much or similar to each other The fact they are the evil clones of their sisters Kitana and Nikita The fact in the 2011 reboot when kitana went to the lab and saw clones of herself by using her DNA however she notices that their was a sleeping clone however become shocking that she looks exactly like her waking up dedicated as her sister becoming more shocking that her mouth was replace with Tarkata call her monstrosity however in kitana ending then she realize and think it over that she did not killed her twin sister but took pity on her however she offer her a home after all she was a royal blood. However the sisters relationships is kind of similar of theirs but ambition.
  • Azumi is the last and final girlfriend for scourge which which their relationship is very much of his past self with fiona.
  • Azumi creator Nikki it would be better to have azumi archie past self to be with Nikki the Husky but realize the time line would have been completely messed up and redoing the characters so the creator remove it.
  • azumi story is similar based on Dark Alessa from the ( Silent Hill franchise) the fact that 30 years ago that a girl named Alessa was bully and torture physically and emotionally abused and took all her innocence's away from her as her scared and pain turn into hate she eventually gave in her dark side (the same way nikita did ) and promised her Darkside that they will pay the ultimate price as years went by she put all her goodness in rose daughter heather