Aya the FoxEditEdit

Full Name:Aya Sakurazaki Zaner.


Aya the Fox





Clothes:School unifrom:In school. Grey and silver short sleeved shirt that shows her bra straps. Long black pants. Black socks And, white knee length straped sandals:Not in school.

Favorite Food:Fondue.

Favorite Color:Black.

Favorite Song:Lucifer by SHINee

Favorite T.V. Show:Say yes to the Dress.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball and Kendo.

Favorite Book:Soul.

Favorite Movie:Dijango Unchained.

Favorite Video Game:Resident Evil 5.


Birthday:November 18

Theme Song:Devils Never Cry

Voice Actress:Cherami Leigh (2013)

Seiyu:Yu Kobayashi (2013)



Love Interest:Blake and Layla.

Relationship:Blake (Partner) Layla (Crush)

Friends:Layla,Chi,Nene and Destiny.

Rivals:Morpeheus,Onychinus and Clash.


Abilities:Sword fighting,dancing and swimming.

Special Abilities:Flight using her hidden demon wings. And thans to a contract with Blake, Aya can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Blue and turquoise samurai outfit, she carries a naginata as her weapon. The naginata can cut through anything.

Armor:Dressed in a black and silver maid costume with her demon wings in the open, She carries a Odachi as her weapon. In this form ,all of her attacks and techinquies' power increase. Also, when she attacks:flowers are released from her wings.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Lightning and Layla.

Personality:Loner,rarely talks,easily embarrassed and full of spirit.

Likes:Layla,Blake,fighting,school:to a certain extent, and practicing with Clash.

Dislikes:Nara,when people point out things that she herself didn't see and when she gets lost.

Ability Type:Suka;Agility, Cosplay;Power. Armor;Power Standalone ability type;Flight.

Hair Color:Black.

Hair Style:Shoulder length in the back. Reaches from her right ear and stops under her left ear.

Fur Color:Blue-gray.

Eye Color:Red.

Height:6' 0"

Weight:100 lbs.

Appearance:She eyes are very set and appear to be in day-dream state.

Sexual Preference:Unknown,possibly a lesbian.

Super Forms:Ancient-Aya,he skin becomes covered in feathers and a light green aura surrounds her.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0

Other Info:She is the daughter of a female bird demon and a Mobian fox, thus she is half-demon. The only part of her demon heritage that shows is her wings when she gets mad of transforms into one of her forms. She has a genderbent version of herself:Jin.


Genderbent Aya:Jin