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SHARE Name: Annie the Puppy Sex: Female

Species: Demon (was a dog before she died)

Parents: Terri the Dog, and Jake the Dog

Sibling(s): Abby the Puppy

Age: Immortal (When she was executed she was 5)

Birthday: September 16

Occupation: Possessing Abby from time to time

Bio: Annie is Abby's Executed, Dead sister, and loves to make misery for Abby.

Likes: Killing, Causing Abby Distress, Other demons, Evil, Misery, and blood.

Hates: Abby the Puppy, Her family, Good, People who remind her of Abby, Stuff that reminds her of when she was alive.


When she was 5, She lived in a home with all of her relatives. Her Sister, Abby had a good, pure heart for everything and Annie hated that. One day the family was about to move, and Annie was furious, she told Abby to follow her to the woods, and when they got there, Annie beat Abby up, making her unconscious . Annie then got found out, and got executed for punishment. When she was a ghost, Demons came to her and said if she possesses Abby from time to time, She will get great rewards. Annie excitedly took the offer, and now possesses Abby from time to time.


Annie was first inspired to not be a sonic fan character, but just Abby's dark side. She was inspired after I saw that Abby looked evil in only the colors, Red and black. Her name used to be Petal, but then was changed to Annie. You can tell when she possesses Abby because Abby turns from A white and lemon Beagle to a red and black Beagle. She is invisible when she isn't possessing Abby.