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Logo for the Movie

Admins The Movie:Project ECLIPSE,is the first movie in the Admins Movie Saga,The movie is directed by AgentSonic2


The movie plot will not be known til the movie is launched (to avoid spoiler alerts)


AgentSonic2/Ryan Connor as himself

SonicKnucklesFan92 as herself

DUBSTEPxSonic/Sam Dylan as himself

Matrix the Hedgehog/Matt Anderson as himself


Are the real names of the Admins are real?Edit

Ok,so the true names of the Admins of the STHFW wikia are repeat,THEIR NOT REAL NAMES,By the way,There is an refference in MtH's true name...Try and find it -AgentSonic2

Will contain Sonic Fan Characters?Edit

Its most likely that i will add them in human form,If anyone asks why not in their true forms,the answer,im not a masochist

Will it have voices?Edit

Nah,I would put subtitles.

What is Project ECLIPSE?Edit

Its a satellite,But i will not tell more to avoid spoiler alerts

What rating does the movie have?Edit

Most likely,NOT M AND BEYOND

Is it gonna have a sequel?Edit

Yeah,It will be a trilogy (Wild Card Trilogy,Yeah, i didn't settle up a cool japanese name for the movie series,Anyone know a better one?) ,After that,i will be making a sequel trilogy Admins DX (Wild Card DX Trilogy,and then after that one i will make another sequel trilogy Admins X (Wild Card 10YA Trilogy in Japan P.S:10YA stands for 10 Years After)