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• 7/29/2015

Admins:The Movie Plot.

I have an plot for the movie:

It was an normal day at STHFW,That was until You-Know-Who,came in,He asked DubstepXSonic to make him an admin,but You-Know-Who got rejected for improper blocking at another wikia,You-Know-Who then decides to get rid of the STHFW,But he cant since he is not an Wiki Staff,and because its completed,He decided to make an sattelite which has enough power to forcibly delete an Wikia,The STHFW Admins ally with a team of fan-characters in order to stop the evil plan.

P.S:Spoilers were avoided by nicknaming the supporting protagonists and the main antagonist

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• 7/31/2015
hmmm sounds interesting
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