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• 6/18/2015

Has the founder abandon this wiki?

Hello guys, sonicknucklesfan92 (admin) here with some news. Is it me, or has the founder abandon the wiki? He seems to have made a new wiki and remains there from now on, and this wiki is just scrapped. If so, I say we can do our job and take care of this wiki in a little favor of having the founder make this place for us. So I'll be handling the job of being I guess a co-founder. Lol, but I'm just an admin. if you wanna be an admin or a chatmod, I can give you the job, if the member is good and uses the power wisely. So I say this wiki can use a huge reboot or something to get it all fired up and different from your average fanon or fan wiki, there are many sonic fanon or fan related wikis. So what makes ours different from your everyday wiki? What do you think makes our wiki different from the others?

I'll be updating again soon!

- Sonicknucklesfan92 (admin)

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• 6/21/2015
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